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  1. Brian Thomas

    1944 cckw slc.

    Its not mine and I didnt think it should go to non member ebay page but I could be wrong and if so i will move it but thought some of you would like to see this or maybe look into buying. I do not know the guy but found out about the ad from some friends. - KSL Car Classifieds
  2. Brian Thomas

    Points gap?

    Have searched but cant find specs for the pionts gap on the OA331. Any one know this?
  3. Brian Thomas

    Found a 5 ton gasser.

    I tracked this guy down and went over for a look. My question is, What is a fair price for this truck. It is a 1958 Dimond T with the r6602 gas engine in it. The odometer read 1900 miles. By the looks of the truck it has to be a low mile unit but over the years who knows. It does run but has...
  4. Brian Thomas

    Glad to be here.

    ****o everybody, I Found this site by mistake and glad I did. Too bad there was ajerk causing problems on here and caused the registration lock down. I have been trying for weeks to get on here and sent several emails explaining I was not wanting in to cause trouble. Really looking foward to...
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