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  1. M37keppy

    XM816 Wrecker will not go over 1500 RPM

    I had the same thing happen on my m816. When the hydraulic pump For the boom is put in gear there is a throttle stop engaged under the hood on the side of the engine to stop you from overreving the pump. There is some linkage under the bed that controls that. I had one of the pins came out of...
  2. M37keppy

    another m135 towing question

    Yeah you can do that to isolate the transmission but would still be turning some part of the transfer and sometimes that ujoint assembly can be a pisser to get out. The front shackles pins are 7/8” if I remember correctly. I use tractor drawbar pins for them, they are hardened, you can get any...
  3. M37keppy

    Mule lights kill engine?

    I got some free time to look into it. There were some problems on the way it was grounded. How anyone thought it would work right the way it was done is beyond me. I’ve corrected that and it seems to work fine now. I’m gonna be running it a bunch this weekend so that will be a good test. Thanks
  4. M37keppy

    Mule lights kill engine?

    Hi all I bought an M274 A5 that has lights, alternator, battery, and starter installed on it. The problem is when the machine is running and you turn on the lights it kills the engine. I haven’t dug into the problem yet. Just thought I would throw it out to everyone before I tare it apart for...
  5. M37keppy

    Looking at a M59. Need info

    If you do end up repowering with a different engine and trans and don’t have a need for the 302 and hydra. I might be interested. My big drawback from that machine was transporting it but sounds like you got it covered.
  6. M37keppy

    M211 correct transmission oil

    I use Case IH Hy-Tran oil in all my g749’s. It’s not cheap but it’s made for heavy use in ag equipment transmissions that have clutch’s and gears and a shared hydraulic system. It’s good stuff
  7. M37keppy

    G749 preservation

    The engine I did that on wound up having other problems and I swapped a different 302 in it’s place. I didn’t back any bolts out but still bent some but it was a nice way to put a lot of pressure to it slowly. As far as separating a junk 302 from trany I have dropped the crankshaft out the...
  8. M37keppy

    G749 preservation

    I have pulled the torus cover off and used a portapower or hydraulic jack on the flywheel bolts to spin the crankshaft to free it. Then but new bolts in after
  9. M37keppy

    M37 not running correctly after being stored for 2 years

    I had an old timer tell me along time ago “most of your carb problems are in the distributor”. That was for any old engine
  10. M37keppy

    M37 Distributor and coil

    That fix was posted on the g741 web site with photos.
  11. M37keppy

    Left hand wheel stud options? G749

    Probably 6 or so. Looking through the catalog posted buy Duuane I might have found a replacement. I will check with a heavy truck parts supplier near me to see if it’s available. Hopefully I’ll have some luck.
  12. M37keppy

    Left hand wheel stud options? G749

    Has anybody got a source for LH wheel studs p#501246? I haven’t had much luck finding new ones and I’ve just about exhausted the take offs that I’ve been using. Thanks
  13. M37keppy

    First loads M215

    Just got it all painted so it’s less of a DOT magnet. Haha
  14. M37keppy

    Wrecker Owners, Stand up and be Recognized!

    M816 1971
  15. M37keppy

    Looking at a M59. Need info

    Hi all I’m looking at an M59 to buy and I I’m new to armor. What should be looking out for? I’ve looked at it twice and been in it. The tracks look good and it’s pretty complete. It is missing one engine but I’m familiar with the gmc302 and the hyramatic and have those parts. What do I need to...
  16. M37keppy

    New member xm211

    I’m about 3.5 hours east of Des Moines. There are several of these G749s scattered around the country side that I’ve found just rotting away. You probably have more parts opportunities then you know. Just get the word out. You never know what people have sitting on the back 40.
  17. M37keppy

    Towing M211 with tow bar

    You can get tractor drawbar pins in any size. They are hardened and have a hole for a safety pin. I think you need 7/8” if it hasn’t been worn out bigger.
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