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  1. oilcan

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    Sure, a lot of us wanted to go to haspin, but we had other commitments, or the bank account was too low. A few of us decided to go for a mini rally on the same weekend, do it close to home, and on the cheap. Hopefully everyone who was there will chime in. I'm terrible with names. I think...
  2. oilcan

    M715 resurrection

    My first MV has been deadlined for right around 5 years now. I've tried a few cheapskate fixes before without any luck, but things are finally starting to come together for the old bird.
  3. oilcan

    Glow plug threads damaged

    I have a 6.2 with one buggered-up glow plug hole. The GP threads in and will stay in place when it's running, but there's too much leakage around the threads for that cylinder to fire properly. Is there a specific helicoil (or other) kit for this application, or just hunt down the generic 10-1...
  4. oilcan

    6.2 starter

    I'm finally getting back to working on my M715 with a 6.2 HMMWV motor. The problem is I last worked on it about 2 years ago, and can't remember which starter I left in it! I have one in the truck and one on the shelf. One is a 24v CUCV unit, and the other is 12v civie. It sure would be nice to...
  5. oilcan


    I picked the ole' girl from westfolk on tuesday, and it took 24 hours (almost exactly) to get the job done. Me and nitebawler split out of here at 6am tuesday and got back in the driveway at 6am wednesday. We had to change some tires, and do a quick checkout before the 300 mile (+/-) trip home.
  6. oilcan

    MEP017A runs!

    I got a litte help from nitebawler (and kids) today and we got the ole' getset running. Had to tear it apart to change the oil pan, then the carb got replaced. As soon as I find the right spark plug socket I'll dig those out and clean them off (or replace them) because is misses every now and...
  7. oilcan

    Cop car deuce recovery

    I pulled this beauty home for a friend on friday, but have been too busy to post it up. On the tow the 818 took a bit to get it up to speed on surface streets. Once I hit the interstate the dang thing pulled like a locomotive. And I got a nifty 50 amp peak (40 nomial) 24v to 12v power...
  8. oilcan

    MEP017A parts

    I finally started working on my 5kw genset, and found a few issues. First off, some knucklehead stepped on the oil drain tube and busted the oil pan all up. A big blob of JB Quick seems to be holding for now so I cleaned it up and tried to start it. No-Go. The carb leaks like crazy. Oh...
  9. oilcan

    Ziggy's M915A1 recovery

    Ole' Ziggy got himself a pretty decent road tractor, but couldn't get his schedule to jive with the good folks at wright pat. I was happy to help! My first plan was to go by myself and flat tow the 1009 behind the 915, but that can be a pain in the neck. Then I found out my cousin wasn't busy...
  10. oilcan

    M200A1 and MT-6950 TRC

    The rally camper project got started a few days ago and things are starting to come together. I started by unbolting a few unnessecary peices, drilled out three trillion rivets, and broke out the sawzall with a demolition blade. There is still plenty of work to do. I need to find someone to...
  11. oilcan

    Deuce axle load rating

    I've been doing research to set up for a little multiple-truck piggyback towing with the 818 in the lead of two deuces. One tractor and one tanker. I found the curb weights, and the weight that sits on the front axle, and both rears for each truck. For an M275A2 wow, the weight at the front...
  12. oilcan

    Ohio to Houston

    Well it looks like I've completely lost my marbles. Sometime in the near future I'll be driving kwai's deuce fuel tanker from Zanesville to Houston. It's a really nice truck, and once I go through and do some pm's I'll be pretty confident. It did really well on the trip from Wright Pat to the...
  13. oilcan

    BSA Motorcycle

    I've been trying to find these pics since the m/c forum got started. I put my scruffy old M715 in a car show several years ago and the only other MV to show up was this BSA motorcycle. Unfortunately, I was too busy answering questions about my rig to talk with the guy much. It turns out we'd...
  14. oilcan

    Recent stuff

    I just realized I haven't posted any pics of the "new" 818's or the gen trailer. We picked up the two 818's on the Monday before the GA rally, and I left with one of them the next day to meet up with gimp to convoy to clinto's place. The winch truck still needs a few more bits and some...
  15. oilcan

    electric windshield wiper kit

    My 818 has the -A3 wiper kit on it, but it's missing one of the knurled nuts (I guess that's what they're called) that connects the arm to the shaft. Anyone know where I can score replacement parts? I think I have a pic of what I need...
  16. oilcan

    Mic check'a

    I just got tired of seeing the word "test".
  17. oilcan

    The latest pickup

    Well, the computer finally decided to forgive my camera and they're talking again, so it's time to post up about the newest addition to the family. Overall, it's in pretty good shape. So far we've had to replace the soft top, add a cargo cover, and get rid of a nearly new T-Hawk because of a...
  18. oilcan

    M35A3 pics

    I know a bunch of folks hate 'em, but here are a few pics for the rest of you. Prepping one for paint, and I haven't even driven it yet. (Oh, and noooo it's not mine!)
  19. oilcan

    Groovy 817

    Just thought I'd share. I haven't seen a lot of tippers with the cargo cover in place.
  20. oilcan

    The combined fleet (attn. Kwai)

    I finally remembered to take the camera to the coal mine for pics of your new tanker, and decided to line 'em up for a group shot.
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