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  1. croftonaviation

    source for cucv ignition switch

    hello all, on the advise of warthog (thank you) I have been troubleshooting my electrical system issues and am looking for an ignition switch. the part referenced to in the -32 is under section 4-13 item #9. Is this a part I can get from napa? Also what do I ask for? I am assuming that...
  2. croftonaviation

    electrical issues

    I was finally able to get some time to work on my truck this weekend. Here is what I had. I was getting good voltage on the batteries. At the starer relay I was getting 24 volts. At the fuse box however I had the following. All of the red wires comming in has 12 volts on them. However...
  3. croftonaviation

    where to start with this problem?

    Hey I have a m1009, that is my daily driver. This morning I go out to start it and get a nothing other than a clicking noise and the battery indicator going from the green to the red. I noticed I could not move any of the fan belts, do you guys think it's a hung/bad started? It had not ever...
  4. croftonaviation

    broken bleeding screw on fuel filter

    Question for everyone. I had the bleeding screw break off on the fuel filter. Is this a findable item at a napa store? does anyone know a part # or the thread size and pitch. Also any ideas as to removing the old one, I was thinking an easy out but I figured I'd ask the experts first...
  5. croftonaviation

    need some M1009 civi tire advice

    Well I had a tire blow out this morning on the way to work. Nothing big it was a rear and I had a spare. My other rear tire looks pretty poor and my spare is not much better. what do you guys suggest for a replacement. Price is the major factor here. I don't go off roading (intentionally)...
  6. croftonaviation

    HELP cucv just quit running

    I need some help my M1009 just quit running. IT cranks over and starts and then dies. I am stuck at work. I am thinking fuel filter (is that the big block looking thing on the firewall behind the # 2 batt?) anyone got a pn so I can go get one. Thanks Tom
  7. croftonaviation

    Horn kit install???

    I just got my horn kit and I want to put it in tonight but I have a question. All I have on the steering wheel is a wire with a metal end crimped on it and a spring. I did not get a new metal end. Do I try to pry it off and re-use it or should I cut the wire Install the new guts and splice it...
  8. croftonaviation

    leaving feedback

    How do I leave feedback? I bought a horn kit from gimpyrob and want to leave an A+ but I don't know how. Thanks, Tom
  9. croftonaviation

    trouble opening TM's on old site

    I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem with the TM's on the old site under the resources tab? I was trying to open up the parts TM for a deuce (need a part number, thanks doghead) and can't get it to do it. It this a site problem or is by computer having issues. Thanks PS if...
  10. croftonaviation

    Deuce not wanting to back up

    I had a problem this weekend and am looking for some direction on where to go from here, if anywhere. I went to pickup a load of firewood and when I put the truck in reverse it would not back up. The transmission felt fine it was like a set of wheels were locked up. I rolled forward a few...
  11. croftonaviation

    scored a pair of H-45 heaters yesterday

    so a friend of mine was cleaning out some storage space at his unit and came up on a bunchl of these H-45 multi-fuel heaters, that were not on the books. After a short conversation with his boss they were split up among the men and two ended up on my door step. They seem pretty neat and look...
  12. croftonaviation

    some winch questions

    I got to finally use my winch truck this weekend for it's intended purchase, pulling a stuck tractor out of a hole. I have a couple of questions for you winch experts out there. 1st what is the safest way to get the cable to wind back up nice and pretty. 2nd what do you use to do your six...
  13. croftonaviation

    cost of a tn title

    Question fellow Tennesseans. I have my Sf-97 in hand, I want to get a title but do not wish to register my deuce, Tax's have already been paid compliments of GL. How much is the DMV going to charge me to get a title? Thanks.
  14. croftonaviation

    hooking up 2 heaters

    Here's the deal. The truck I recently bought has two coolant heaters installed. One under the hood and one in the cab. Only one is currently hooked up, however I have swapped hoses around and they both work well and don't leak. Is there a problem with putting a tee fitting in the hoses so I...
  15. croftonaviation

    Iron knife door art

    I was loving on the deuce this weekend and found some interesting art work on the drivers door. It has been painted over at least once, but on the door is stenciled Iron Knife and there is a picture of a cutlass. I can't find any reference to it on the unit page where it came from (278 armored...
  16. croftonaviation

    can I get a fl title from GL?

    Just curious, I am getting ready to apply for my Sf-97 form. Is it an option to pay the extra and get a title from GL. I keep seeing things about florida titles. I live in kentucky and am not planning on registering this truck any time soon but I want a title for when I do. Given that our...
  17. croftonaviation

    the deuce is home

    Went down to Ft. Campbell and brought home a deuce today. I am pretty sure I did not get the truck that was described. The pictures match but that is all. The truck I got has 62000 miles showing where as the description said 44000 and the hours were off by about 1000. Tonight when I get home...
  18. croftonaviation

    Thanks to jay and jason Ft Campbell

    I would like to report an good experience at FT. Campbell today. Jay(sight mgr) was super help full on the phone early in the week and even allowed me to come up on a non pickup day. Jason was very timley in handling our paperwork and fixing someone's paperwork snafu. The truck number did not...
  19. croftonaviation

    what battery level to crank?

    My dad who works on Ft. Campbell went to look at our deuce today (hauling it home thursday). Overall It appears to be in good condition. If the battery is indicating that it is at the bottom of the yellow can it still power turn signals and just not be strong enough to turn the starter? The...
  20. croftonaviation

    what type of paint job is this?

    I was looking for some help with this one. Is the paint job on this truck ant sort of official desert paint scheme or is this something done at the local unit level. Sorry I only have the one pic so far. Any help would be appreciated. If it's any help the unit markings indicate it was with...
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