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  1. hklvette

    6CTA fuel shutoff valve stuck open?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and found the solution: Sunday I took the 931 out to an event about 50 miles away. Everything through the day went fine until I got home and tried to shut the truck down. Click the lower switch off, and the engine keeps idling...
  2. hklvette

    The things I learned while rebuilding my CTIS

    So some folks asked me to outline the things I discovered while rebuilding my CTIS and what function each part performs, so here goes… Preface: Clean and dry air is essential to the CTIS’ performance. It would be wise to service the Haldex air dryer under the truck before attempting to restore...
  3. hklvette

    M871A3 availability?

    With the large numbers of M931s and 932s coming through GL, is it possible that we'll start seeing some of the trailers they pulled as well or are they now being hooked up behind M1088s? I'm looking for one to go behind my 931, and a step-deck would do nicely for pulling round bales.
  4. hklvette

    noisy/ knocking compressor?

    All, I have a 931A2 that I'm getting up to top mechanical shape, and have a problem that is a bit confusing. The truck builds air pressure fine, and except for one of the tank valves leaking, holds air great. The air governor cuts out at 125psi and cuts back in at ~95psi after being adjusted...
  5. hklvette

    injection pump rebuild kit?

    Hi all, I've been looking for a rebuild/ gasket kit for the LDT's injection pump. Saturn surplus appears to be out of stock, and I haven't been able to find them anywhere else. The IP is leaking like a sieve and with diesel at $4 I'd really like to get it fixed. TIA,
  6. hklvette

    on Speed TV right now

    Gearz is building a Gamma Goat. ends at 1530
  7. hklvette

    Looking for wiring diagram/schematic

    Hi all, I am in the process of purchasing an A2 from a friend who has been storing it at my house. It runs and drives well, but the lighting system is giving me fits. Only the headlights and rear service markers work. I've checked the turn signal switch's operation, and it seems to be okay...
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