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  1. GUNNY 155

    Kudos on the Redo

    I have not been on the site for a few months. I really like how it was redone. Just one question, wondering how come we were all busted back to Privates, I always got a kick out or the rank structure and getting promoted.
  2. GUNNY 155

    Kudo's on the new site.

    I have not visited the SS site in a few months. Nice work on the reorganization and additions. Just one question, wondering how come the member ranks were removed, I always got a kick out of that part.
  3. GUNNY 155

    M37 Fluids

    Valvoline Straight 30 wt VR1 racing oil which has a high zinc content and is made for flat tappet engine protection. All my gear cases have GL4 90wt gear oil which can be a little hard to find. The newer GL5 multi viscosity gear lube will not properly protect the non ferrous metal thrust...
  4. GUNNY 155

    M37 - Wiring harness and where it goes...

    Almost sound like it is not an M37 harness. I had Vintage wiring of Maine build mine. Simple plug and play. Well worth the cost. They even added a couple of accessory wires I needed for my M151 under dash heater.
  5. GUNNY 155

    9.00 X16 tires

    You can try Coker Tire too.
  6. GUNNY 155

    24 volt generator and regulator

    Have never seen any one try this, I doubt if it is possible given that the system is such a specialized unit of limited production. When I restored mine I stayed with all the mil spec stuff and have never had a problem.
  7. GUNNY 155

    m37 rod bearings ?

    Usually the bearing shell will have its size stamped into the back. IE std for a standard size, 010 for 10 under 020 for 20 under.
  8. GUNNY 155

    Help ID M37 LWB

    Welcome to the group. Interesting story on your truck.
  9. GUNNY 155

    Finally restoring the M37

    It has been great following your build. Nice to see the excellent work. Keep posting please.
  10. GUNNY 155

    M37 gets brake and carb work

    Have not been on here for awhile. Hello to my good friend Storm 51. One thing to think about is if you have not replaced all those steel brake lines and flex lines it might be good to do that too. You can get prebent kits and installing them is a days work but not that hard.
  11. GUNNY 155

    M37USMC rear shackles

    I have the drawings and specs if anyone wants to fabricate their own.
  12. GUNNY 155

    M-37 fuel pump rebuild

    If you want to do it your self check out Then and Now Automotive. I believe they are in CA. I got a couple of kits for mine and for my spare. They specialize in parts that will stand up to today's fuels and oils. Mine has been in service now for about 3 years.
  13. GUNNY 155

    rebuilt my t245, runs like garbage

    I installed them on the intake side also. A couple on the Exhaust side were pitted very badly and one was actually loose so I replaced all of them on the exhaust side too.
  14. GUNNY 155

    M37 spark plugs

    Seems a lot of the basic parts have jumped quite a bit. Lats year I needed a distributor cap and had a hard time finding one. VPW and Midwest Military were both waiting to get some in. I did find one on E Bay and later ordered a spare. I have accumulated quite a few spare parts in the way of...
  15. GUNNY 155

    rebuilt my t245, runs like garbage

    I am a late addition here but I am running 6 degrees BTDC on mine. When I built mine I had the head milled and the block decked so a little more compression. Also had hardened valve seats installed with valves to allow burning unleaded fuel. Engine was also balanced and blueprinted. There is...
  16. GUNNY 155

    Finally restoring the M37

    M37Bruce. I know the feeling. I bought my M37 and got it into my shop. A few days later ended up in the hospital having a By Pass. It actually worked out because while I was recovering I sat on the computer and ordered parts. I had days where the UPS guy was stopping off twice a day.
  17. GUNNY 155

    18 mpg m37 "plus" more power!!!

    I am running stock everything on mine and get a pretty consistent 13 to 14 mpg.
  18. GUNNY 155

    VPW Stainless Steel Fuel Tank for M37

    Looks nice. My guess is you can put your old tank on E Bay and recoup some $$$ unless it is completely shot.
  19. GUNNY 155

    Finally restoring the M37

    Looks like your almost there. Then once you start driving it after it is all together you get to deal with the teething troubles. Like tweaking the little things that no one will notice but just annoy the heck out of you as the owner. Looks great.
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