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  1. M37keppy

    Mule lights kill engine?

    Hi all I bought an M274 A5 that has lights, alternator, battery, and starter installed on it. The problem is when the machine is running and you turn on the lights it kills the engine. I haven’t dug into the problem yet. Just thought I would throw it out to everyone before I tare it apart for...
  2. M37keppy

    Left hand wheel stud options? G749

    Has anybody got a source for LH wheel studs p#501246? I haven’t had much luck finding new ones and I’ve just about exhausted the take offs that I’ve been using. Thanks
  3. M37keppy

    Looking at a M59. Need info

    Hi all I’m looking at an M59 to buy and I I’m new to armor. What should be looking out for? I’ve looked at it twice and been in it. The tracks look good and it’s pretty complete. It is missing one engine but I’m familiar with the gmc302 and the hyramatic and have those parts. What do I need to...
  4. M37keppy

    First loads M215

    Pulled this truck out of the weeds two years ago and started working on it last June. It had been left abandoned for decades. The engine was seized and ended up replacing it with a different 302, new wiring, brakes, fuel system, and a hole other mess of broken and stuck parts. Had good dry...
  5. M37keppy

    302 vs 331 Holley carb

    Hi all, I’ve been wondering if you could use the bigger sized jets for the Gold Comet 331 on a Gmc 302? Would it produce more power, would it screw up the shifting of the auto, or would it cause other problems? Just got to looking at the two using the same carb and thinking. I know that the...
  6. M37keppy

    Wanted M215 part

    Hi all, I'm looking for cab protecter/bulkhead that bolts onto the front of the dump bed. Also has anybody got an idea if these beds were used on other types of trucks to try to look for parts on. Thanks for any help!
  7. M37keppy

    Transmission output shaft seal?

    Hi all, I got a Xm211 that is leaking oil bad out the back on the output shaft of the reduction unit. Has anybody got a good part number for that seal and sleeve on the yoke for replacement? I haven't had much luck looking on line for a good part number. Thanks
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