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  1. TURKEY131

    Mep 002a Volatage 160 volts

    During the last blizzard we lost power for about 3 hours. The generator ran great except for the voltage stayed at 160 volts. I cold not adjust it down. I have been looking through the threads and it has something to do with the the voltage regulator. I am thinking of replacing it with the...
  2. TURKEY131

    Cargo Cover bungees

    I have checked the site and could not find anything. I am looking for an alternative for the bungees that hold down the cargo covers. I have had not luck with the militarily bungees. They keep braking on me. Anyone find a good alternative?
  3. TURKEY131

    Manually turning over the 8.3

    Any ideas on how to manually turn over the 8.3. Looking at he flywheel and I only see 3 bolts so I am a bit stumped. I just need to make sure my motor is not seized.
  4. TURKEY131

    M931a Fuel Issue

    I have an M931 that had ran fine until I was out with driving and while I was stopped it began to stall. After several times of it stalling I was able to get it started and began to head back home. Well on the way home it stalled again and I could not get it started again. So after a $300 tow...
  5. TURKEY131

    M923A2 Starting issues

    I have an M923 that I have not been able to get it running since I picked it up. I am new to 5 tons and have been reading the TM's but have not been able to come up with anything. I have been searching though different threads and have not been able to come up with anything. My issue is that...
  6. TURKEY131

    Presure switch issues

    While driving my M931 yesterday I noticed a drop in air pressure and could hear air leaking. I located the culprit (MFR-61782 19207-12375453). It looks like it blew apart. Would does this switch for? Any ideas on where to get a replacement?
  7. TURKEY131

    Expanaable Shelter

    I have an expandable shelter that I just opened up. I noticed some mold inside and want to clean it up a bit. I sprayed the interior down with some mold killer and bleach and not want to paint it. Any suggestions on what type of pant to use?
  8. TURKEY131

    5 Tons in New Jersey

    So how many guys have 5 tons in New Jersey? Just curious. I bought an M931 recently and am going to be getting it on the road soon.
  9. TURKEY131

    SF-97 issue with GL site

    Anyone haveing an issue using the forms section on GL's site. When I click if the SF97 link it redirects me to their home page. I called the customer service and they were no real help.
  10. TURKEY131

    Starter reinstall help.

    I pulled my start a while ago and I totally forget what wires go to what terminal I have been looking through the TM's and can not seem to find anything on the wiring Does anyone have a diagram or pictures of what wires go to what terminals. Thanks
  11. TURKEY131

    Engine swap in Mep-004a?

    Well I purchased a mep004a with a sized motor and some other issues. And my most recent purchase is a mep113a. my plan is to swap the generator head out of the mep004a and put it in the mep113a. I want to do this because the new one is in much better shape. Is there anything else I would...
  12. TURKEY131

    Starter Relay help

    I did a search and could not come up with anything. Does anyone know how to test the starter relay to see if it is bad? aua
  13. TURKEY131

    Finding the big sockets

    I am try to find one of the big 3" socket to remove the hubs. I ordered one from Northern tool and it does not fit the nut. Northern Industrial JUMBO Impact Socket — 3in., 1in. Drive | 1in. Drive SAE Individual| Northern Tool + Equipment Does anyone have a link to where I can get one that...
  14. TURKEY131

    Mep 3 help

    I am new to the generators and need some Help. I have read through the TMs and cant seem to find anything. Mine was missing the starter so I installed a new one. There are three wires two with connectors on them, one was cut. Do I need the third wire and if I do where does it go? Second is...
  15. TURKEY131

    MEP-003A Starter

    I have been looking through all the threads and can not seem to find it. I remember reading about an after market starter for the mep 002 and 003 If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.
  16. TURKEY131

    Trail ride southern new jersey

    Well I think that we are do for another Pines Trail Ride. [thumbzup] 1) Start time will be 0900hrs on Sunday 11/14/10. Hit the trails around 1000hrs 2)Rendezvous will be Batsto parking lot 3)Open to Military or 4x4 Civilian vehicles. Will need some good guides and the trails should be...
  17. TURKEY131

    Installing a mechanical oil pressure gauge

    Well after coming home last I nigh I was stopped at a traffic light scanned my gauges and My heart skipped a beat. My oil pressure is just above 0. So I start driving and it goes up to about 15. And that is it so every time I let off the throttle, the pressure goes back to 0. So I baby it...
  18. TURKEY131

    Looking for some springs

    While trying to figure out while I had grease all over my front passenger side tire. I noticed that the springs that keep the front brake lines secure where broken. The lines are now worn and I am going to be replacing them. I checked Saturn but they do not have them. Anyone have some lying...
  19. TURKEY131

    M4A3 Sherman Tank from the Movie "TANK"! FOR SALE

    Anyone see this on Egay. Man I wish I had money :-(. Some good Youtube videos of it on the listing. M4A3 Sherman Tank from the Movie "TANK"! James Garner: eBay Motors (item 220610724538 end time May-30-10 17:06:49 PDT)
  20. TURKEY131

    Tires @ aberdeen

    Is there anyone going to be at Aberdeen selling 11x20 tires? Or does anyone know any vendors down there selling tires. Thanks in advances. [thumbzup]
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