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  1. Bobert

    Recovering vehicle markings

    Thats true, I've only used carb cleaner on the cheap spray paint they hose over the markings. I discovered carb cleaner softens paint by accident.
  2. Bobert

    Recovering vehicle markings

    Carb cleaner and a rag works. It will not strip CARC paint.
  3. Bobert

    4th annual BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY 5/19/18 Atlantic, IA

    Thank you for all the effort you put in to make this happen. It gets better each year. I enjoyed the ice cream social time. There were a lot of shoppers coming to take a look and it was also a good time to check out everyone's equipment again.
  4. Bobert

    4th annual BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY 5/19/18 Atlantic, IA

    My dad said he will join our Des Moines convoy with his M35A2 deuce and a half and 11 tires.
  5. Bobert

    4th annual BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY 5/19/18 Atlantic, IA

    I'll leave the cucv at home this year. Herman said he is going to try hard to make it this year. I look forward to seeing your bombs, it will give me some decorating ideas.
  6. Bobert

    Humvees under 15,000

    You can't sell one for over $10k here now. And that is road ready.
  7. Bobert

    4th annual BA-DA BA-DA BING BANG RALLY 5/19/18 Atlantic, IA

    Count me in. I'll get there earlier this year with 5 tires and a M998 humvee. Robert
  8. Bobert

    After market seats or alternate seats for HMMWV / m998 ?

    Got some of the cloth pacifica seats from dejavueautowerks. $430 for 4 seats shipped. I copied the mounting brackets posted earlier for the back seats. Still working on the front. They ait up a little high for my taste, but I still have easy storage access.
  9. Bobert


    Thank you for all your hard work, time and money that you put into this. And the very thorough AAR. I got there late but still had time to see all the vehicles and tour the legion hall a but before the cruise. I did not sign in in the registration tent but you did give me my prize and trophy...
  10. Bobert


    What time should we show up? Still planning my route.
  11. Bobert

    Financing through GP

    Do it! You never know, if you wait until you save up all the cash, they could be outlawed again. The arguments against it are that toys and cars are a depreciating asset. If you do it right, a humvee could go up in value and be a smart investment.
  12. Bobert

    Why not TH400?

    I thought the 3 speed M998s came with a TH400. Does it not?
  13. Bobert

    I need to rent/borrow a HMMWV on the east coast (Virginia) for a film project

    There was just someone offering theirs for a movie on the west coast a month or two ago, but the post was 5 years old.
  14. Bobert

    M998 12v winch??

    Gov Planet is selling humvee bumpers with 12v winches. I wonder how they do it. Or maybe it is up to you.
  15. Bobert

    Duramax vs Cummins HMMWV Conversions

    If you are spending the money get a Cummins. Everybody likes a Cummins.
  16. Bobert

    Move B get outta the way shoulda been the sound track

    I like the part where they ram the bus.
  17. Bobert

    Good / Bad Comments About HMMWV's??

    The only negative comment I've experienced are on the internet. Sounds like the uncomfortable seats ruin it for people.
  18. Bobert

    Has anyone converted a 6.2 into a turbo charged unit?

    That exhaust is cool. I want to hear it.
  19. Bobert

    How much did you pay for your M998/humvee?

    $5500 plus fees and tax =$6600. Seems like you have the same chances of getting a bad one if you spend $5000 or $10000.
  20. Bobert

    Rear Airlift Bumper - dimensions

    Thats good, it shouldn't be too hard to build one. Or do your own thing. If someone has better eyes or can correct the measurements I'll change the dimensions. Same thing for the brackets.
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