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  1. Crash_AF

    M1010 inside dimensions

    Ok, I went through 5 pages of search results on the site and could not find this answer. What are the inside dimensions of an empty M1010 box? Thanks
  2. Crash_AF

    Need a little help

    I'm working on my CUCV wrecker, and after paying the frame shop, I don't have a lot of disposable cash left. That said, I need a rear driveshaft for this thing, and having one made from scratch is outside my budget. Does ANYONE have or know of a used, fixed yoke 205 rear driveshaft for a 1...
  3. Crash_AF

    Another successful recovery

    Well, brought home my third 1009 this morning. Smooth recovery from Ft Carson, in and out in less than a half hour. This one is ultimately destined to be handed over to a friend, but I'm going to get it straightened out first. Need a few pieces and parts, if anyone has a 1009 in or near...
  4. Crash_AF

    M1031 PTO information

    Since it's so hard to find in one place, here is what I've gathered from some research into the M1031 PTO, and what is needed when you add a PTO to the NP205. The standard issue PTO is a Muncie TG series PTO with a 1.8:1 drive ratio. The part number for the PTO is a TG6S-N7018-C2BT For people...
  5. Crash_AF

    Colorado to CA/NV

    I'm possibly going to Barstow and then to Reno and back to Colorado Springs over the 4th of July weekend. I have a 1 ton and a 20' flatbed hauler that I can take on the trip. Will be coming back with a truck from Reno, so only parts for that leg, but would be going west empty, and north from...
  6. Crash_AF

    Need opinions on transmission choice

    Ok, I'm building my 1008 into a wrecker and am looking for opinions on which transmission to go with. I need a PTO port to drive the bed, but I have a 1008 without one. So I've been hunting for a 205, and haven't had much luck. An opportunity to pick up a diesel 4L80E complete with standalone...
  7. Crash_AF

    205 swap in a 1008

    Hey guys, I've found an NP205 from a 89 1 ton that is the 6 round pattern, does anyone know if this will bolt straight up to my TH400 or will I need to change something? Also, what parts would I need to complete the conversion? I'm building a wrecker out of mine. Already did the dually...
  8. Crash_AF

    Not accepting new members

    I suggested that a guy with a CUCV join to discuss his wiring problems and he just told me that the forum is not accepting new members. Is this correct or is he doing something wrong? Thanks, Joe
  9. Crash_AF

    Air-O-Matic Troubleshooting

    I'm working on Coondog's M35A3 and the Air-O-Matic isn't working at all. No air release from the system when you turn the wheel back and forth. The valve on the firewall is on, and there is air reaching the drag link. The troubleshooting in the TM isn't very helpful so does anyone have any...
  10. Crash_AF

    Empty from Kansas to CO

    I'm heading back from Wichita to Colorado Springs empty next weekend (Oct 9th). Anyone have anything they need moved west in the KS/OK/NE area? Thanks, Joe
  11. Crash_AF

    Generator records

    I'm not sure if anyone is interested in keeping military style records on their gensets, but here are the links to the forms that the AF uses to keep track of generator performance and maintenance. The AF Form 487 is used to record operational data when running the unit. It tracks oil...
  12. Crash_AF

    Canadian "Pre-CUCV" Chevy

    Has anyone seen a mid 70's "Pre-CUCV" Military Chevy? This guy on Pirate bought a 76 GMC 'CUCV', it's got a standard 3 lever light switch in the radio area, old style blackout lights in the grille and the 2 pin slave connector on the driver's side. Says he was told it was an ambulance that was...
  13. Crash_AF

    Empty from Albquerque to CO

    I'm running some trailers down to ABQ and can bring stuff north. Empty 51' 3 car ramp trailer. Shoot me a PM if you need anything moved north. Could also squeeze some smaller items on the back if you need it moved south from Colorado. Later, Joe
  14. Crash_AF

    Voltmeter repair

    Well, I shorted out my 1008's VM to one of the heater control screws while working in the dash and now it doesn't work. I replaced the fried 28V fuse and the VM worked for a few minutes, then quit. I checked the plug with a multimeter and it had good voltage so I checked the terminals on the...
  15. Crash_AF

    Need truck checked out near Jax FL

    I'm considering purchasing a truck near Jacksonville FL and was wondering if anyone could go check it out for me in more detail. It's a 1980 Chevy Dually wrecker that has the parts I need to build a CUCV wrecker. Drop me a line if you can help. Later, Joe
  16. Crash_AF

    Trucks in Ohio for sale

    Came across this on Craigslist and thought I'd pass it along in case anyone can go see what he really has... I might be interested in that CUCV's top in one of the pics (looks like a tinted sliding side window top) if someone could help me with retrieval. He has pics of M109s, an M813, and...
  17. Crash_AF

    Gun ring top

    A friend of mine is writing a story that involves a deuce and he wants to know if there is an issue top available that has an opening in it for using the gun ring, or if it would have to be a field modification to have a top on and still be able to use the gun ring. I told him that I didn't...
  18. Crash_AF

    Colorado to Reno, NV

    I'm trying to get the logistics of getting my 1031 from Reno NV back to CO. I can't really afford to pay anyone to get it back here, so I'll probably be going to get it if I can find a load to take out and cover most of the fuel cost. I have a Dodge Cummins and 14k capacity 20' trailer so I can...
  19. Crash_AF

    Colorado to OKC

    Running empty Colorado to OKC I'm looking to head down to OKC to pick up a CUCV sometime this month and was wondering if anyone needed anything moved in that direction. My time is flexible so if there's anything in the I-70 or I-40 corridor that you need moved, let me know. I can also bring...
  20. Crash_AF

    HELP!! M1031 at Sierra Depot (Herlong CA)

    I hate double posting, but I need to make a decision in the next 24 hours on what I'm going to do. I won a 1031 at Sierra that for whatever reason GL didn't put an EUC on so now I'm scrambling to get it moved. My budget won't allow shipment, so I either need it moved off the base so I can plan...
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