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  1. sojourner

    Military Ambulance in Holland

    I like the pop up and slide out. Any interior shots?
  2. sojourner

    Survival 109 build

    Sure thing, here's a link to the discussion
  3. sojourner

    Survival 109 build

    Hey guys the compressor is a york so the oil is somewhat contained. There's an oil separator but the york does put oil in the system. There is a fix to limit it but I just add oil (only once since spring). If you do this for on board air, I'd try a horizontal engine. This not a recommended...
  4. sojourner

    Survival 109 build

    Scott, this is a phenomenal build! Everything is top notch, you're going to be ready that's for sure. I'm working on something but in a smaller scale. Whose solar panels did you use? I'm looking at 3 renogy 100 watt panels but will be only adding one at a time. Do you know if the charge...
  5. sojourner

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Maybe something like this (I didn't get a good shot of the frig unit behind pass seat)
  6. sojourner

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Im here. I check in a few times a day but dont have much to add. Followed m43 but this is 100 times better! Fuuny, workmanship, old rare od, what more can you ask for?
  7. sojourner

    cool rc m37

    I saw this custom willys gocart and it reminded me of this rc m37 The talent of these guys is amazing
  8. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    Man is that impressive, noticed some other pictures
  9. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    Also is there a build thread?
  10. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    Great story catman. The truck looks great and like the functionality. I'm curious what you have set up in the camper, any pictures of the inside?
  11. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    Thanks for the correction, thought I might get it wrong. Knew it wasn't an m37 or cckw, quick search and saw power wagon figured they were both military and civi.
  12. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    Definitely not cheap and probably costs a lot more than you think. He builds the box completely custom with cabinets, frig, stove, storage, bed, etc. Typically these are for pickups
  13. sojourner

    WWII Power Wagon with Pop Up Camper

    The good folks at Phoenix Campers built this custom Pop Up Check it out: 1942 Dodge military 4X4 with a Phoenix Truck Camper | Phoenix Pop Up - Custom Built Truck Campers - Powered by Clvr.Tv It blends in nice with the tarp and top
  14. sojourner

    A few pics of my neverending project

    Probably as you can tell I work slow, I've had a day a month to put time in on it. I'm looking at getting a fsj valence and running the fsj rad. What did you use?
  15. sojourner

    A few pics of my neverending project

    Lookin good Chris
  16. sojourner

    CJ10a Flightline Tug --> 4wd Pickup Truck

    I know it's marine forest green but it still deserves a Homer "Mmmm"
  17. sojourner

    M43 camper mod

    I have not seen pictures of the box of an m43 converted to a camper, if anyone has, please share. I did find this odd-ball full size jeep camper conversion interesting: Translation result for It's from Chile and I hope translation works.
  18. sojourner

    Dukws in Boston

    First off the parade was a blast, over a million showed up to see the cup! These are owned by a tour company that takes them on routes through boston. Its a very popular tourist history lesson.
  19. sojourner

    Early 725?

    Moose, I didn't realize yours is such an early model, looks like the newest on the vin registry. Nice find
  20. sojourner

    Coming Attraction - project #6 M43 build

    That's a great pic! I also thought a turret on these would sweet.
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