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  1. hklvette

    The things I learned while rebuilding my CTIS

    I would say if you're off-road >50% of the time it is worth keeping. The biggest problem that I see with it is the long increase from cross-country to highway modes and the stress that places on the truck's air system.
  2. hklvette

    The things I learned while rebuilding my CTIS

    See my third post. Inflate all of the tires to the same pressure (30psi is enough) and try to run the CTIS unit without pressing any buttons. If they deflate, most likely a hub seal is to blame. If you get five lights, you have a large leak upstream of the wheel valves that needs to be fixed...
  3. hklvette

    New From West Virginia

    Another Virginia welcome!
  4. hklvette

    M939 Transmission Swap Options

    Lubing the cable I came up with myself, or at least didn't reference the TM for. Page is 365-6 in the -23-3 TM
  5. hklvette

    M939 Transmission Swap Options

    Seeing as the OP is using a 936, running empty is not the problem IMO. Slipping and hard down-shifts may actually be caused by the modulator cable sticking (hard down-shift) and being out of adjustment (slipping up-shifts). You can in fact have both at the same time, I know that I did. I...
  6. hklvette

    Tractor trailer brake adjustment

    Partially closing the valve would not only slow the application, but it would slow the release as well. I think I recall reading on here that the biggest problem is the difference in behavior between S-cam brakes (on the trailer) and wedge brakes (on the truck). Not sure if there's a way...
  7. hklvette

    my m35a2 keeps dying

    What's the current temperature where you are? My 5T gelled on me last week when it got near 10F, and it had similar symptoms to what you describe.
  8. hklvette

    Another M-812 Bridge Truck

    IIRC, Bridge Trucks are over-width with the rear duals intact, and may be with just the spare mounted.
  9. hklvette

    ARB 5 ton locker

    You might see if Ouverson would be willing to buy some. I know they're not in the 5T axle business now, but I'd be surprised if they weren't interested at all...
  10. hklvette

    ARB 5 ton locker

    Gearhart's is the detroit no-spin type as found in the USMC 923s. An air locker for 50% more is actually not bad.
  11. hklvette

    Plow truck performance review;)Fina

    This. If I had more time available during snow events I'd get the 931 or a 923 setup to run plow duty.
  12. hklvette

    16:00 tires with CTIS on an A2

    About that, has anyone opened up the CTIS controller to see if it can be adjusted? It may be all in the firmware, but its also possible that there's a group of pots in there to allow adjustment for any situation.
  13. hklvette

    Ever see inside the Protective Control Box?

    Definitely some logic on that circuit board. The 14-pin ICs are quad NAND-gate packages. I can't tell what the TO-220 packages are. There must be some kind of voltage regulation on there since the CD4011s are only rated to 20Vdc. No timing hardware that I can see unless it uses an RC circuit...
  14. hklvette

    CTIS Quick release/dump valve needed

    To answer Powerstroke's question, yes I have used off-the-shelf QR valves in place of the military ones and they work just fine. That being said, Suprman nailed this. On my truck, one of the hub seals had worked its way toward the center of the hub since the truck was driven without the CTIS...
  15. hklvette

    CTIS Quick release/dump valve needed

    While it doesn't look the same, you can get QR valves at NAPA. Need to know the in and out thread sizes (in is in the center, out on the sides). I can get part numbers tomorrow afternoon, as I have some lying around.
  16. hklvette

    M1010 for my daughter the field biologist

    4WD van != AWD van. The Quigley conversions use 3/4 ton pickup running gear, and in the case of the Ford vans they're essentially a 3/4 ton truck underneath anyway. As for your Astro's crumple-zone problem: that was an issue with both the Astro and Safari, where the crumple zone was...
  17. hklvette

    M1010 for my daughter the field biologist

    You might look into a 4WD van, or convert used van-based RV to 4WD. Regardless of what you do, definitely get front and rear winches. In addition, make ground stakes to make self-recovery in areas without anchor points possible.
  18. hklvette

    LMTV vs 5 TON

    M939s don't have much in the way of electronics to break, so there's that. I've never been in or driven an LMTV, but I know others here have and can speak to the benefits of one over the other. Personally, I like my 8.3-powered 5T.
  19. hklvette

    Fuel sticker violation in NC

    This is a little off-topic, but DOT numbers on sub-CDL weight trucks is a requirement if used for commercial purposes. This is becoming a big sticking point with DMV & DOT as increasing numbers of people use 1-ton trucks for hot-shot type hauling.
  20. hklvette

    So I think I lost a bet...

    or in P2P...
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