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  1. Oldfart

    Seabee forklift

    Where do I go to start a thread about Seabee Forklifts?
  2. Oldfart

    1954 M56 Dodge M2B Navy crash truck

    Seeking information on the Navy M2B crash/rescue truck. We have recovered one in need of many parts and lots of work. In particular, we need information on the Transmission and Power Take Off set up. Would like to find the manufacturer of the foam spray nozzle.
  3. Oldfart

    Home at last

    Just got our M816 Wrecker home. It came out of GL last August and managed to survive un molested in an open storage lot lo these many months.
  4. Oldfart

    1941 Autocar modification for towing

    Jollyroger wanted to be able to tow his 1941 Autocar U-8144-A with one of his 800 series 5 tons. This was accomplished by stealing some lift shackle brackets off a parts M54 and mounting them on the Autocar front bumper and frame. The other option was to use some M109 brackets, but the M54...
  5. Oldfart

    6x4 WW2 GMC?????

    My son and I were searching a scrap yard yesterday and we ran across a WW2 closed cab GMC cab and chassis. The odd thing was that it is a 3 axle truck with only the rear two axles as drivers. (The same rear drive set up as on my M220, only a little lighter duty looking.) We crawled under and...
  6. Oldfart

    M989a1 trailer Davit

    I discovered the M989a1 HEMAT has a Davit option when I was reading the nice new manual that was in the tool box. I don't think I have ever seen one floating around on surplus, but it would be nice to add to our trailer. Does any one have a clue as to a source for the military Davit? We also...
  7. Oldfart

    MB 18 genset info

    We just picked up an MB 18 generator and my SS site search does not find anything on this generator. It is a 30 KW that looks somewhat similiar to an MEP005. Anyone know where I could look for information (operators manual etc.) ~~~ Also picked up a GCC-300-W welder and it too does not appear...
  8. Oldfart

    Trailer wiring help

    I have determined my M105 trailer has a bad pigtail. I pulled another pigtail off a parts M105 we have. The continuity is good on all wires, but the plug shell is toast and I want to replace it with the shell off my bad pigtail. My question is how does one remove the shell? It would seem to be a...
  9. Oldfart

    M43 Resurrection

    My daughter is starting the resurrection of her M43. It was issued to the Marines and as such it had the Marine lifting shackle set up. She has not noticed the missing left rear side shackle bracket yet and I want to get her one as a present. Not only have I been unable to find a bracket, I...
  10. Oldfart

    XM791 Recoveries

    Let me start by thanking "Cranetruck" for putting up with all my PM questions and all the helpful information he provided. Jollyroger and I spent the entire yesterday recovering a couple of XM791's we bought at an auction close to home. As noted on the windshields, these were "Not Running"...
  11. Oldfart

    M220 parts wanted

    We have recovered our M220 from GL. No EUC required. We are short the rear bumperettes and most of the lift shackles. We are also missing one of the blackout side window shields and the front van window blackout shield needs to be replaced. Any source of M220 parts out there? Oldfart
  12. Oldfart

    M211 series lug nuts

    We need to recover a M211 series deuce which will require removing the wheels. I have found mention on SS that the CCKW lug nut arrangement is the same as the M211 series. There is no mention as to nut size. Is it safe to assume the lugnut set up is the same as the M35 also? (1 1/2 inch hex and...
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