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  1. pittdog

    M35A2 in residential neighborhood - Huntsville, AL

    I'm in a little town in Black Creek NC.Several MV's in the AO. not a problem . tell them to kiss you're lower behind. good luck!2cents
  2. pittdog

    How do I get it home?

    Drive it ! cheak all , all the vitals, keep it under or @ 50 mph , ( keep the tant full ! ..... PS ..Bring a blanket . gona get chilly ! .. Out Here!
  3. pittdog

    M715 backfiring

    Take bcowanwheels advice ! do that, think you'll know then .[thumbzup]
  4. pittdog

    What are these little spring clips for?

    Yes ! thats what there for.... you're well come .:D
  5. pittdog

    Front axel boot questions?

    Yes , Red Oct !
  6. pittdog

    Small tool found in deuce. What is it?

    [thumbzup] Yep! good find ! it is , or was used as a handy blower .connected on the fire wall, pass side. had to use the **** out of it after Mt Saint Helens went off. what a night mare ! kept haven to blow out the air filter every day ! plus our gear, clothing, well, everything! all that at...
  7. pittdog

    First Time Driving a Deuce

    Keep on rollin ! enjoy it while you got it !:D My 72 M35A2 keeps on rollin ! you'll get the hang of it ;-)
  8. pittdog

    Stranded at Subway - Deuce won't start

    It's the starter button ! change it out ! !;)
  9. pittdog

    Metal battery boxes stink

    Get the plastic box .. thats what I'm gona do when the time comes :grd:
  10. pittdog


    Don't we all.... I still drive em in my sleep , but got no where to park one ... oh well :beer:
  11. pittdog

    wiring up a replacement guage cluster

    Yep ! listen to WESTECH .
  12. pittdog

    Fuel Pump Failure Analysis

    You got ! Just get a new pump .. it did it's job 2cents
  13. pittdog

    Too fat to fit

    NO SIR ! It's called ... no ofens ... loose that gut , k guy ... Me ..I need to guain weigth ... gettit hard to turn that da#% wheel any more ! :( No adj on the wheel ! only the seat ! but let's keep em goin ! ok !
  14. pittdog

    Help w/ where to buying 1st deuce and half.

    I's Call'd a(M35A2) there made by varies mfg's..Mine is is a 72Amg .. you can go on the web site and get one !!!! if you get one ! better take care of it ! were'r gonna need them ... (REAL SOON) !;-)
  15. pittdog

    G749 preservation

    Can,t help you there man ! before my time ... keep on truckin OK !:grd:
  16. pittdog

    Hmmm this looks oddly familiar....

    :jumpin:Man !.... gota NICE 72 M35A2 AMG I WANA Nice Gamma Goat ! Drove em for year's in the 70'S and in Korea on the DMV .. ie (38'th) Prl ... :jumpin: PM me !!! SSG Pittman USA RET ! HOAH !
  17. pittdog

    Breaking Down Tires

    Well Mr If I was still in a MP we can knock out in 30 MIN ! .. but , I'm to old .. I'll take it to a truck stop ! they got the gear to do the split ring stuff ... M35A2 owner !
  18. pittdog

    Hydraulic Head leaking need advice!

    Gently torght them one at a time !... go opposit at direcitions ! ... be carefull ! .. with NO pressure in the system ! OK try that ! PM me ! Love My 72 M35A2 ... Gota ( BABY SIT THEM ) There Ret .. Like me !
  19. pittdog

    Deuce engines

    Look guy, Ret USA .ret 52-d ... Plus other MOS'S What ever the M35 sereis.... or, .. the type of tubo ! ... all ways keep it @ 25.OO G..... never.. I repeat .. ! never go over 60 MPH !! I'm tri'n to b a a(AS) ! but that thats the facks ! ... Sleep on it ! I look at my (MISS SEOUL) ...
  20. pittdog

    parts needed

    Try John winslos... Halifax CO NC Its on the web site ..... Military stuff just grows out of the ground !:jumpin:[thumbzup]
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