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  1. Joe Gamma

    Power steering in my M-37...

    Had a Snake river 4x4 power steering kit put in my M-37...aligned it and put on two new tires but wheel still seems a bit sensitve. The power steering damper I put on did not do poo..Any other ideas how to dampen it... Thanks Guys.. Joe
  2. Joe Gamma

    Tracked down a brake line leak...any suggestions..

    Finally tracked down the nefarious brake line leak that has plagued me for a year or more. It had just gotten worse lately so one day after getting the Misses and myself dinner I rolled uner the goat and caught it dripping. It is the right rear hub where the brakeline meets the nipple...any...
  3. Joe Gamma

    M-37 comercial tires...

    Any non military tires recomended for the M-37 by you folks that won't break the bank.. Thanks .. Joe....
  4. Joe Gamma

    Gamma Goat Springs..

    Anyone familiar with the part number for gammagoat front springs. Powers far smarter than I'll ever claim to be say I have a bad spring..are they common surplus... Thanks.. Joe
  5. Joe Gamma

    Gamma Goat seat belts..

    Putting Seat belts in my Gamma Goat soon..does anyone have a Image of where they are fastened?? Thanks! Joe
  6. Joe Gamma

    Gammagoat and Powerwagon in the Snow..

    Plowing with Power wagon when it just died outside my driveway blocking the road...Pulled it in with my Gammagoat..Just seemed funny green pulling green .. Joe
  7. Joe Gamma

    Power steering kit for M-37

    Just had a power steering kit put in my M-37 from Snake River...The old guy who put it in..( not for the faint of heart with steering columes needing to be cut and brackets welded (plus he charges me double if I try and help him) Was very impressed with the machined parts...Any intrest and I'll...
  8. Joe Gamma

    Wrong tube in a Goat tire and no Skirt...

    Broke down my flat tire on my Goat and found a totally creased over tube with a hole in the crease and no skirt... Looked on Crocker tire and saw an array of tubes...Does anyone have the part number of a tube or skirt they may have ordered from them.. Thankyou.. Joe
  9. Joe Gamma

    Gamma Goat wheel hub Maintaince

    Just starting taking the Wheel hubs / brake drums off my goat and learned quite a bit today. I figure to take one wheel off a day and really inspect / lube it. Is there any recomended maintaince...I took the rust off the drum and cleaned it with brake clean...Noticed there was infact a gasket...
  10. Joe Gamma

    Treasure trove of Gamma Goat parts...

    Have a chance to pick up two GammaGoat hulls and trailors and a significant amount of other spare parts. I mean engines Transfer cases trannys ect. My intent would be to parcel it out but am wondering if anyone needs an engine or tranny ect. I will post pics in the next week but if folks lock...
  11. Joe Gamma

    What ever floats your Goat...

    Actually I am going to float my Gamma Goat this weekend and promise some Images...if it sinks a safety Video...Everything is all sealed up ect but My muffler points down like it would hit the water.. It seams original so does it matter the old coot who put in the Bildge pump said no but always...
  12. Joe Gamma

    Memorial day Goat!!

    Goat hauled the post Cannon around....a old german 150 Howitzer I put American wheels on.. The Goat ran great...
  13. Joe Gamma

    Air force 725 ?

    The 725 I am about to purchase was actually painted blue by the Airforce before over painted green by a secondary agency...any folks have a refrence picture if I cared to paint it blue again.. Thanks guys..!! Joe Gamma
  14. Joe Gamma

    Gamma Goat at "Touch a truck" event.

    I supported the Lions at their Touch a truck event...Everyone loved the gaot and it was the only thing competing with the fire Truck..Sorry these are cell phone picks... I drove the goat thirty miles to get there back roads..boy I love her.. Joe
  15. Joe Gamma

    Steering question...

    Is there an easy way to detect acceptable play in the steering..seems to wander a bit at forty.. Joe
  16. Joe Gamma

    Spring bad on a goat??

    My goat leans about three inches lower on the right...Is the a common suspension piece that goes on it... it looks like the front does it... Joe
  17. Joe Gamma

    What was your best Gama Goat Exp?

    Neices and nephews came over today. Drove The Nephew(21 ) around in the Gamma Goat on main roads very impressed...said he gained man points. Later after Pizza 4 girs climbed in the back and we tooled around the Cul de sac..all loved it and one said it was "Bigger than life." After they left I...
  18. Joe Gamma

    M-725 common engine swap advice

    A friend has offered to sell me a 725 Ambulance. I plan to use it alot (Flea markets ect) and wonder which would be the most common engine swap for reliability and power. The shock is the back is literally a mint time capsule and all original parts will be saved. Thanks Guys.. Joe
  19. Joe Gamma

    'Gamma Goat flasher unit for Directionals"

    Is the goat flasher unit a common one for all military vehicles of the era.. Thanks .. Joe
  20. Joe Gamma

    Stubborn Transfer case /Differential plugs

    I got a 3/4 inch breaker bar to remove the plug on my Transfer case since the fluid is yellow. It laughed at me (but it was cold) I remember when checking the rear diff and eventually replacing it that I held the breaker in place while my friend, a real mechanic, kicked it with his foot and...
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