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  1. n1bnc

    Great Accessory for a M135Cdn.

    Lovely anti-tailgating mechanism!
  2. n1bnc

    My first heavy truck xm215

    I just read this whole thread from end to present and what an awesome recovery. I have a soft spot for these trucks and love to see the different drivetrains and solutions to problems I have had when I had these in the stable years ago.
  3. n1bnc

    M1009 front springs....too saggy?

    If memory serves me correctly, the chevys of this era had a negative arch as designed from the factory. Are the shocks tired too?
  4. n1bnc

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    Another thought to that space above the engine is a fire extinguisher arranged to fire downwards at that moment of necessity. There is also room for a antifreeze reservoir/overflow tank. Then you can add the griddle for on the go lunches!
  5. n1bnc

    New to the group M-220 CDN

    We need more pictures of the interior. This is a rare one. This would be an interesting restoration.
  6. n1bnc

    Camping in the back of a 1008

    Velcro, bungee cords and speaker magnets...
  7. n1bnc

    Front End Overhaul - Upgrade

    How is the front diff crooked? That is strange... Never heard THAT one before. Bushings are easy, torch out the old ones and pound in the new ones. The frame flex issues are common and there is a kit that can be welded in to support the steering box area. This usually exhibited by cracks...
  8. n1bnc

    marker lights going out. Keep blowing fuse

    Check the cable light that goes down the left frame rail for damage. If it is plugged in okay upfront then look at the harness from each tail light heading to the joint in the middle. I managed to melt mine many many years ago from an ill exhaust repair.
  9. n1bnc

    m135 odd ball

    Being that it was sorta local, I had to go find the ad and discovered it is the cab and so forth sitting on top of a 1989 one ton. Ugly. Where is that M35 on 1 ton axles photo?? Gack!!
  10. n1bnc

    my deepest apologies

    Howdy! :beer:
  11. n1bnc

    I hear HAM operators on my computer speakers

    Take a walk around the neighbor hood and look for antennas. CB antennas are different than ham antennas. They are often multiples of 102"(+/-) a quarter wavelength on the CB band and ham radio antennas can be much larger. Not many hams also use AM as a mode of communication as SSB is more...
  12. n1bnc

    Trailer Theft

    Chain them together.
  13. n1bnc

    New to the site

    Welcome from NH. I have had a couple of these trucks and they are cool to drive around in. Its a good head turner. Enjoy the green disease!!
  14. n1bnc

    TH400 Cracked Bellhousing

    I happened upon that program quite by chance and he really glossed over the cutting/aligning and so forth. It would have been helpful to see more precisely what was happening on the bell housing switch. OTOH, Turbo 400's are all over the place and it should be easy to swap another one in.
  15. n1bnc

    dies out at high throttle

    The fuel pump on a carb system is spec'd somewhere in a TM. You can see if it is a dribble or a reasonable amount of fuel by disconnecting the fuel line from the carb, cranking the engine, and see how much comes out into a bucket. If its squirting like mad, you have plenty of fuel. Otherwise at...
  16. n1bnc

    dies out at high throttle

    Check the distributor to see if the advance is working. Otherwise look at the fuel in terms of fuel filter and proper flow rate. Is the carb new or is it a rebuilt unit? What did you do to get you to this point?
  17. n1bnc

    My Evil plan is working...

  18. n1bnc

    Massachusetts registration & insurance

    I had no trouble at all with Commerce through AAA. It was dirt cheap and the antique plates were the way to go.
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