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  1. shadow

    No start and a big mess up with batteries

    Well I did a mess-up yesterday. Trying to get my 1971 Kaiser M35A2 to try and start. My M35A2 has not run in a few years. It always started fine until it just stopped firing. We suspected bad fuel. I was hand pumping the tank to remove the fuel and then discovered the tank has a drain...
  2. shadow

    My new M35A2

    My new deuce. So I finally got a M35A2 after years of wanting one. (I settled on a M275A2 years ago because I couldn’t find one) So now I have 2 deuces, a genset trailer, a 10kw generator, and a Cushman Airborne clone. Yay me.:clinto: It was on a Craigslist ad and about 3 counties...
  3. shadow

    My failed parade attempt

    So I tried to be in a local parade but failed. I wanted to use my cannons on the genset trailer but had to dig out the cannons from my large storage unit. It has taken a few weeks to get things together. I had to cut off my trailer hitch and weld it up much higher to fit the trailer height. We...
  4. shadow

    Making a M103A3 into a dump trailer

    I’m thinking about making my M103A3 genset trailer into a dump bed using the ram from a fold under lift gate. I have been looking online on how to do it and most dumps use a scissor hoist. To me it looks like there would be extreme force required to start the bed moving up based on the scissor...
  5. shadow

    Help ID 2 trailers Please

    Hello all, I haven't posted in a long time but I need some help. I just won 2 trailers and I am not sure what their designation is. I am lost as to what these trailers "M" numbers are. Are they M103a2, or M116a2 ??? These have a big wheel for the landing leg and are 1/4 ton trailers...
  6. shadow

    crane truck in flood for sale

    There’s a deuce wrecker/crane truck at local auction that was in the flood. I don’t know what year/maker or anything because they didn’t list it on the sheets and I don’t know if it is a 2.5 or 5 ton or its “M” number. (I have to call them; a lot of items are miss-marked on the sheets) It looks...
  7. shadow

    10kw genset powering plasma cutter??

    I am hoping to make a portable unit using my 10kw genset and Hydrovane compressor and a Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter I’m getting. I don’t know if I can power the stuff with the genset. I know the compressor is 220v but I don’t remember the phase. The plasma cutter shows powers of: [The...
  8. shadow

    CUCV Water Fording info needed

    The search option is working correctly for me. :( I have a normal 78' chevy 4x4 that I believe is very similar to the CUCV's and I need info on water fording. What is done to the trucks to make them ford water? I don't plan on driving in anything deeper than 3 feet. Is the a TM online dealing...
  9. shadow

    Why does the front axel have a thing on top of it?

    I had to move my tractor yesterday and a buddy of mine noticed the front axle has a thing on top that looks like it would be used to connect it to another axle. I have no idea what it is. I found a pic online of one that looks like mine. What is that thing for?? It has a square flange with 4...
  10. shadow

    How do you properly drive a deuce manual??

    I have a question about how to properly drive a manual. I was thinking back to when I moved my deuce tractor, M275, and I had problems where every time I up shifted, the transfer lever would pop out of gear so I had to follow steps like: push clutch, pull out of gear, put into next gear, hold...
  11. shadow

    A 1958 Cardox 6x6. A what??

    Saw it on Ebay. Looks kind of like a big old mail truck to me. Weird looking but neat.
  12. shadow

    3KW,5KW,10kw genset voltage regulators

    I thought I would post this encase someone was looking for a voltage regulator for there generator. I had to move mine around yesterday and was thinking I should replace the little do-hicky thing that burned up in the regulator that I haven't got around to yet and while I was surfing ebay I...
  13. shadow

    1942 M211, M222? How much is it worth running?

    I found an early deuce right here in my town. I haven't looked at it yet but I was told that it was running and driving in use as a fire water truck. The water tank was removed when this seller got it and had it towed from Wisconsin to Iowa with it's drive shaft removed. He said the battery...
  14. shadow

    What is this 8x8 I saw on the highway?

    :shock: I saw this 8x8 on the highway 2 days ago. Lucky I had my camara with me and I saw it in time. (I was 1/4 mile from my off ramp when I saw it) I followed it a little ways and took some pics of it. What is it? I can not figure out what is on the back end. I wish I had those tires on my...
  15. shadow

    US Army Tank Gunfire Simulator Cannon on the 4th

    I just got a chance to get online sence the 4th. I made some noise again this year.:mrgreen: I have to do something to make noise around the 4th. I didn't shoot my black powder cannons so I set up my US Army Tank Gunfire Simulator cannon in the back of my truck and fired off some rounds. I...
  16. shadow

    Grounding a 10kw genset??

    I printed off the TM's for the genset and was reading through them and saw that it has to have a 3/4 pipe driven 8 feet into the ground. Is this really needed? It seems like it would really limit where you could use it. (no rocky or gravel ground) I have seen new types of smaller generators...
  17. shadow

    10kw genset voltage regulator/Hygrovane questions

    DR said I would need a voltage regulator. I tried looking at Saturn surplus but they show Sold-Out and that there are 2 differant ones. Does anyone know a ball park price on these and where I could locate one? Also, where could I find a manual online or a book for this genset? It is stamped TM...
  18. shadow

    Flatbed semi trailer (non military) for sale or trade

    I have a flatbed semi trailer that I am selling and thought I would let you guys know about it in case anyone of you has a need for one. It does need some work. It has wooden boards for a bed that are in bad shape and need replaced. I had 3 tow-behind tar bin units (full of tar) on it and they...
  19. shadow

    Engine starting problems

    Every time I go to start my M275 with a stright 6 cylinder continental I have to use starting fluid in a spray can. I got tired of having to take the rubber hose off to spray the carb so I cut a small hole in it so all I have to do is aim for the hole reaching in from the side panel without have...
  20. shadow

    Lost brakes, need help

    I did not have any air comming out of the unit that supplys the trailers brakes so I tried taking it apart. I found a small spring and a disk type gasket that was inside when I took the 4 bolts off on the right hand side. They looked real clean so I put it back on. I then took off the 3...
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