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    Am-1780 squeal

    I bought an NOS unit off ebay. Plugged it in and there is a squeal on the audio regardless of what socket I plug the C-2298 boxs into. Suggestions please as to the cause? Hopefully I can just do a module swap from a dead 1780. Thanks Doug
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    Manuals - APC, C&R Lynx etc

    Hello Would anyone have M113A1 manuals either electronic or paper for any of these vehicles? M113A1 APC C&R Lynx Thanks Doug
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    Detroit 53 series Cartridge oil filter problem

    Everyone I am getting pretty frustrated with trying to get the can to seal after changing the filter. I removed the old gasket, which lies in a groove, installed the wide gasket that was just like it that was supplied with the cartridge. There was also a very narrow section gasket, but I...
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    Periscope help M17C, M26 M45

    Hello Does anyone know the what is the difference between an M17C periscope and an M27 and M45 Periscope? Which of M27 and M45 can be used instead of an M17C or are the dimensions of an M17C different from the other 2 periscopes? Thanking you in advance of your reply. Doug
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    Hello all Does anyone know where I could source the hatch lid from an M59 APC also the traverse and elevation gearboxes? Regards Doug
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