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    1999+ 6.5L marine motor, questions?!?!

    It has serpentine accessories on it so it's a reverse water pump if that's what you're referring to. It also has the 8qt oil pan, which is how I know it's a 99+ 6.5.
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    1999+ 6.5L marine motor, questions?!?!

    I have a new to me 6.5L marine NA motor with approx 4,500hrs on it. It has a little more visible blowby than the old 6.2, but otherwise the motor runs perfect and smooth. I just finished putting a turbo from an 07.5 Cummins 6.7 on it and cranked the fuel up about half a turn. Without the turbo...
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    Christmas with the In-laws: Prairieville, LA to Pollock, LA (12/23/16)

    That's one beautiful bobbed deuce!!! Did that motor/trans come out of a bus?
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    Voltage regulator question

    I've searched for hours and haven't found the info I'm looking for. The alternator on the passenger side doesn't seem to be putting out. It's sits right at 12.0v at idle and drops to 11.6v with the LED lights on. Truck has been starting slow also, which I associate with the low battery...
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    A couple lift issues on my M1010

    I have the same frame and spring issues on the front. It's a new superlift 6" kit. New springs and new bushings. It's not the bushings worn out, it's the long arch of the lift springs. Getting shackles that are 1/2" longer will clear that up and only lift the front another 1/4", not enough to...
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    All glow plugs failing @ same time?!?!

    Well the great procrastinator I am, I never got around to ordering those glow plugs. On my way home from a family bowling night I stopped at Oriellys and they had 8 of the 60G in stock for $8.08ea. Not too bad. The first 3 came right out, but they became more difficult from there. Some were...
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    All glow plugs failing @ same time?!?!

    So with a manual glow plug relay and keeping the stock resistors, the 60G are the correct ones or is there another part number I need? I need to order them soon so they are delivered before I get home.
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    optimizer long block - hummer 24V or cucv 24v

    Looking forward to following this thread to see how the final outcome works out. Do you have the complete turbo kit for the 6.2?
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    6.2 diesel to 454 big block gas burner swap.

    Very nice build. I bet that 454 tq with 4.56 gears will jump off the line.
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    Turbo M1008 with 4l80 towing ability compared to gasser?

    Where is the EGT probe? If it's pre turbo, turn the fuel up more. From what I've read over the years, you're safe to 10psi but not much over that. My truck has minor airflow mods and the fuel turned up just over 1/2 turn. I get a light haze at full throttle, but normal driving is clean and much...
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    M1008 Front Driveshaft Trouble

    If I lived closer I'd swap front shafts with you. Since my lift, the shafts could stand to be @1" longer just so there's more contact area.
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    Turbo M1008 with 4l80 towing ability compared to gasser?

    There's so much to consider. Do you know what your peak boost and EGT is? That can tell you what's going on with power. How about exhaust haze or smoke. Is there any? Id say if you're @7-8psi and pre turbo EGT under 1150ish, you should be making enough TQ to pull as well as a slightly newer...
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    CUCV 2 bumper and brush guard

    I completely missed the 2 part. Oops.
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    1985 CUCV M1009 "The Colonel"

    How's the M1009 doing these days since it's cooler out? I drove one in the navy around base and it was fun, had the coldest AC of any of our vehicles.
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    85' m1008

    Finally getting a chance to post some pics up of the old truck.
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    Trying to figure out pic posting. Testing.....

    Tried a few times and failed, think I got the resizing down now.
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    CUCV 2 bumper and brush guard

    They were so mass produced and eyeball put together that 100 of us could give you measurements and they'd all be different. They were just slapped together. Hahaha. As for strength, they're better than nothing but soft enough to pull and bend by hand. I'm sure there's some pulled off for sale...
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    M1009 towing capacity question

    thas a nice lengthy trip through some pretty decent grades. I've pulled my 13' Passat TDI on a metal 24' car hauler, total weight @6,000lbs. Seemed to pull it pretty easily but stopping and downhill grades left something to be desired without trailer brakes. Cruised 60mph like a champ and never...
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