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    Transmission stuck "in gear"

    Replacing the stamped steel plate should fix your problem. We got one off of Memphis Equipment that I believe was built a little heavier.
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    new toy for the Deuce

    I'm 70 miles southwest of you. What is the camo pattern called that is used on these Air Guard trucks? I need to get some tan or brown that will match.
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    M37 from Illinois to Orange, Ca

    I sold an M37 on ebay and the buyer is in Orange, CA. I told him I would check around and see what his options are for getting it shipped. Can anyone reccomend a good company? Or has anyone used one of the internet sites where you take bids to get something hauled? Thanks
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    Oil Burner Conversion for M1941 Heater

    I was wondering if you could burn used oil in these? A guy selling them on ebay says you can but I thought I would check before I bought one. I figured I might need to add some diesel to thin the oil out. Or if anyone here has one for sale let me know. Thanks
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    Has anyone used a VBM-250A Portable Heater?

    I picked up one of these heaters from GL. It is 250,000 BTU and runs on gasoline. I am looking for a manual or any tips on how to run it. The thought of lighting a fire on top of 18 gallons of gas makes me a little nervous. Thanks for any help.
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    David Ahl's M37 Restoration Guide

    RE: Re: David Ahl I got a copy through inter-library loan. It was interesting but I wouldn't pay $20 for it.
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    M52 vs M818 16x20 tire question

    The two 5 ton multifuels we had didn't do good with 11.00x20's. If you are wanting to run at highway speed I would get the cummins. There is a world of difference between the two engines.
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    GL heads up.....

    My GL account was suspended last year because the girl working on my EUC would not return my calls to tell me what was wrong with my paperwork. She did call me the day after she put my account into default which was the same day she quit working for GL.
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    Continental OA331 Gasser Conversion?

    Do a search on propane conversions and you will find several companies that will help you out. I looked on ebay and there are plenty of parts under propane and impco. An Impco 425 mixer (carburetor) is probably bigger than you need but is the most popular. We had a 637 cubic inch GMC that had a...
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    Continental OA331 Gasser Conversion?

    You will lose a couple of miles per gallon with LP. But here in Illinois LP is at least $1 a gallon cheaper so it evens out. If you could get the conversion pieces for cheap I would do it. We have several engines running on LP and they work great. The biggest problem with dual fuel is the...
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    10KW Carb Bowl Gasket

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. It is the 4ao84 engine and I need the gasket for the carburetor bowl. Saturn's website says they are out of gasket kits. If they don't have any I will get the whole carb for $38. Thanks, Loren
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    10KW Carb Bowl Gasket

    I am looking for a bowl gasket for the 10kw generator. If anyone has one they want to sell let me know. Thanks, Loren
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    Looking for 11.00x20 tires instead of 12.00x20

    I asked earlier about 12.00x20 tires, but the fire department has decided to go with 11.00x20 since they are easier to find. If anyone has any they want to sell let me know. They would be looking for 8-10 tires. Thanks, Loren
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    Looking for 12.00x20 tires.

    Our local fire department is looking for four12.00x20 tires for a fire truck. I was looking at some Michelins on Ebay but thought I would check here too. They would also be interested in the regular military tread. 11.00x20 or metric sizes that are close would be fine too. Thanks, Loren
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    Who knows a knowledgeable Hercules Parts Counter Person?

    Just Google Worthington Ag Parts. Click on online salvage. Search under tractor, White, 2135 or 2155. I would want to see one in person before I spent too much money.
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    Who knows a knowledgeable Hercules Parts Counter Person?

    Worthington Ag Parts has several White 2-135 tractors for salvage. I didn't call to check the price but if you want spin on filters that looks to be the way to go.
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    YES, There IS (maybe) a Deuce Spin On Oil Filter Adapter

    If you live in farm country try looking on or other equipment sites. There may be a White 2-135 close to you to look at. I looked at one a couple of years ago and I think the oil filter casting is different than the one used on the multifuel.
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    5 Ton Engine Swap Question

    We have two of the U shaped wrenches. One is a longer with a 45 degree bend and the other has a 90 degree bend. It blew the fire ring out last time. I haven't seen it yet this time. I agree the brakes work fine. Everytime I ask a question that guy tells me the brakes were designed in the 1930's...
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    5 Ton Engine Swap Question

    Yes, we have the multifuel book from Memphis Equipment with the torque sequence. We also have the two wrenches that you need to torque the heads.
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