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  1. J

    New to me m1031

    I have wanted a 1038 for a long time, but this one was listed on facebook for a price that was too low to pass up, in non running mystery condition. Story goes it has sat for at least the past 6 years and it will crank with batteries installed but will not run. Gave the guy 1800 bucks, loaded...
  2. J

    Center mount turbo swap on non center mount turbo engine. The "struggle bus"

    Center mount turbo swap on non center mount turbo engine. The "struggle bus" Recently named this truck the struggle bus. And its been the pain in my ass the past few weeks. Purchased as a non runner, it was clean, complete and overhauled in 04. I had high hopes and took the risk. I have...
  3. J

    I need to stay away from these auctions...

    Because this happens..... 4th truck in a couple months, but this one had fancy headlights so i couldnt resist. Looks great online but as ive learned..... who knows?? Just had to share my excitement.... ill never grow up.
  4. J

    Decided i needed one..... or three

    Not entirely sure what my inspiration was but basically woke up one day and decided i needed a on a non running truck and got it. Next week i decided i needed one that ran so i placed a couple more bids....another week later a friend purchased one and i saw the opportunity for low...
  5. J

    1965 m35a2 first gl purchase

    Bid on this truck while I was bored offshore and ended up winng the auction. Its the first thing I have bought on gl so I was a bit nervous about the process...especially bidding on it without checking it out. Well I feel like I got lucky this time, the truck is nicer than I expected! Zero...
  6. J

    picked up a m923a2

    after selling my deuce a few years back I really missed having a big old truck.... so I bought a bigger one! truck runs/drives as it should, which is way better than my old deuce. only thing that doesn't work is the ctis....which from what I read is pretty common. just going to paint it and...
  7. J

    tow rig?

    or is it more of a haul rig? :twisted: dont plan on driving it like this...much...dont want to get run over by my cargo in an accident :oops: but just had to try it.
  8. J

    new from tx

    new here from the big town of lampasas. just bought my first military vehicle.....1970 m35a2..... i basically woke up about a month ago and decided i wanted one.......well needed one haha. ive reseached a bit about them.....looked at some here in tx and most of them are destroyed or incomplete...
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