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    Usmc m1030b1

    Great thread, I enjoyed watching you get these together.
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    MV illegal on highway in Canada (Quebec)

    I sent a few emails out and filled out that form. Just had my iltis up near the QC border a few weeks ago, and was planning another road trip in it this fall. Sure want to know why we aren't going after bombardier if they sold our government unsafe vehicles! Would also like to know if this...
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    My 1985 Bombardier Iltis

    Yeah, the rust on mine is only in specific areas, limited to only the body, frame, and things attached to those items. :cry: I took it off roading this weekend, it's amazing in the dirt but could use some more power. Climbs like a goat.
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    My 1985 Bombardier Iltis

    A VW 1.9 diesel is almost certainly in it's future. For now, I got a set of all terrain tires, got the brakes adjusted, and have fixed up some minor stuff. Have some major rust repairs to do in the future.
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    Laurie the Lorry - My 1991 RHD Leyland 4 Tonne.

    Took a while, but I prettied it up:
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    VW or Bombardier Iltis Complete TM's

    Here's the operator manual for the VW/Bombardier iltis, in both english and french. it is spread out into many folders/small PDF files, I couldn't figure out how to upload it here, so here's a link to a google drive copy: There's a...
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    technical manual

    I found them online, will upload now. Took a lot of google-fu. Edit: For anyone that comes across this thread in the future, here's a link to the manuals:
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    My 1985 Bombardier Iltis

    Just picked this ol girl up. Previous owner didn't know much about it, he got it from a dealer who got it on a trade in. Has an Ontario title which is nice, I've been told that they can be hard to get plated in ON. Mechanically it seems pretty decent, the brake pedal is soft and the high...
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    G749 preservation

    Jeez Dave, you're making me jealous! I miss ya lots. So many adventures I'm missing out on. I probably coulda got my truck stuck too. Great picture of the ole van from back in the winter, glad to see it's still alive.
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    technical manual

    Did these ever get uploaded somewhere? I've been searching all about but this is the only thread about the manuals that I can dig up.
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    Empty pickup truck - Michigan to Florida - Mid FEB.

    Around Feb 11 - heading down the I-75 corridor to daytona beach. Don't have a huge vehicle this time - but I've got the empty bed of a 3/4 ton truck, if anyone needs something medium sized hauled. Shoot me a message.
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    G749 preservation

    Boy you weren't kidding about the mosquitoes! Maybe I'm glad I'm down here right now.
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    2018 Findlay Oh Armed forces day buy-sell-trade & Info

    anyone have a set of fmtv side panels? Ideally off of a 14' bed truck?
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    Petaluma Saurer 6DM Pics

    Cool truck! I love the cargo bed access w/ stairs. Looks very practical! Also looks like there isn't one curved piece of metal in the entire body.
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    Laurie the Lorry - My 1991 RHD Leyland 4 Tonne.

    Been a while. Forgot to post any updates I guess. Truck has been good to me. Only drive it about once a month or so. Sure is fun in the snow! Changed the oil April 20th with 15W40 Rotella. Digital odometer has become unreadable, no idea how many miles it's been. Still needs paint and a...
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    Tire Paint Removal

    I just use a power washer....
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    G749 preservation

    And here I've been complaining about temps in the 40's and 50's. Can't say I miss the weather out there. Sure do miss the sunsets though. When are you going to get that transmission done, or am I going to have to fly out there and do it myself?
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    Alberta Canada Trips In Vehicle Events ACTIVE

    Looks like you're having a blast out there this year! Wish I could join you.
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