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    Bypassing gp controller

    I did the same thing. Bought a black rubber covered starter switch for auto zone (4.99) and wired 1 end to ground the other to the Glow Plug relay where the blue wire was located. Disconnected blue wire (goes to GP controller/module). Search 'manual glow plugs' and you will find several...
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    1982 chevy diesel man xmission donor

    It is the same bellhousing bolt pattern. However, some have stated there is a difference in the starter depth of the diesel vs gas starters. Truck
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    tires again

    The above is well said... Truck
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    tires again

    I guess I don't understand. Most M1009 do fine on RPMs with 31-33 in tires and 3.09 gears. It is the M1008 w/4.56 gears that do not do well on the street. I would think if you put 1100 xzl on there w/3.09 gears you wouldn't hardly be able to get it moving. Truck
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    M1031 with 4:56 gears, sustable for road/ highway driving?

    Problem with tranny swap on M1031 is that it uses a NP205 not the 208. M1031 needs the 205 for the PTO output to drive the generator. So it is not as easy a swap as there was only 1 year and limited models of civie trucks(if I remember right) that had an overdrive tranny. Not that it can't be...
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    M1031 Contact Truck info

    I bought mine several years ago, 2005 I think. I paid a little more, $6k. But it was complete genny, power panel, air compressor, vise. All I had to do was put in new batteries. I drove mine from OK to VA after I bought it. I've had a few issues since but I love it. I use it as a tow rig...
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    Help. No headlights all other lights work

    I think the problem is in the hi/low beam switch in the column. Everything else is working. For now I bypassed everything and wired to a 3 way switch. That will get the buyer home, then he can dig into the column. Thanks, Truck
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    Help. No headlights all other lights work

    No body has any ideas? Truck
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    Help. No headlights all other lights work

    I have no headlights or dash lights. I have running lights, brake lights, signal lights, even "dome" light under dash works. Black out switch is in the service position. I checked the fuse and swapped with a known working one - nothing. To see if it was just the switch I pulled the plug...
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    4.10 or 3.73 ?

    Although the 700r4 or 4l80e would be the ideal options, it is a pain to do with the NP205 since only a rare hand full were produced that ever bolted to a 205. Spline count is different then NP208. There has been disussion out there and a couple of folks have done it, but not very many. Truck
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    Anyone Towing With a 6.2 Diesel?

    I tow my Jeep Scrambler with 1 ton axles on it all the time with my m1031. Other then the speed based on gears it does just fine. If you really need to use as a tow vehicle, you could swap someone your axles for a set with 4.10 gears that would help significantly. Truck
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    M1031 Bracket Help

    I have most of these on my truck. But sorry they are not for sale. Check with 84cucv1ton on here. I think he was parting a 1031 out. If so, he may have some or all of what you are looking for. Tell him I sent ya...:wink: Truck
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    m1031 going for parts

    I would be interested in the PTO controller/governor (silver box on front of engine). PM me what you want for it. Truck
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    Any market for M536

    BTT Truck
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    Tach for CUCV

    I thought I remembered somewhere that you could replace the vacuum pump with a driver for a tach - maybe off HUMVEE 6.2s. This is a very vague recollection. Truck
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    bypass glowplugs.

    Where do you get Pure Silicone Spray...recommendation?? Truck
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    CDR Valves No Longer Available

    I'll take 2 err 4? PM me details. Truck
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    Tach for CUCV

    What is the difference between a diesel tach and a 'regular' tach?:???: Truck
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    Any market for M536

    I finally got this thing home and it is for sale. Here is a copy of the ad in classifieds. PM me if interested. Truck
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    wellman glow plugs

    I could use a set if you want to get rid of them. PM me. Truck
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