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    M1008 Won't Start

    Hello All.... My M1008 has suddenly determined that it no longer wants to be my daily driver, refusing to start. I recently replaced both batteries so my starter seems to crank quickly. Today, I noticed that the GP solenoid clicks on/off rather quickly. I am used to turning the key, hearing...
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    CUCV Charging System - Re-written

    Attempting to understand my CUCV charging system, I checked the sticky notes for what had been previously posted. I found an article by Gary Wearley that discussed the charging system in detail. Unfortunately, the article was a scanned document from a publication, meaning that for me with my...
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    CUCV Instrument Cluster Discussion

    Trying to figure out why my Gen 1 idiot light wouldn't work, I removed my instrument cluster figuring the light bulb was deceased. While I had it in my hand, I saw that the plastic ribbon circuit on the back had some issues that needed repair. I tried to follow each copper path, trying to...
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    Another CUCV accident

    Well, once again my M1008 is the victim of foul play. A child driving his mothers car backed into the passenger side of my pick up. He dented the bed, just forward of the rear wheel but behind the cab. Fortunately, the person that hit me had insurance. I assumed this would be an easy...
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    Glow Plug Module Problem

    Hello All... I have been working on trying to fix the Glow Plug system in my M1009. Thanks to the sticky notes and other information in the helpful threads, I think I was able to isolate what I believe is the primary problem. Coming from the GP Module Housing, I noticed that the wires split...
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    Glow Plug Container Slide

    When I purchased my M1009, I noticed the Glow Plug PCB box laying on the floor underneath the brake pedal. I did't think much about it until I tried to figure out where it was supposed to be. Fortunately, my M1008 had the same box and it was mounted properly to the steering column bracket. I...
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    Grounding Woe's

    For the last two months, I have been steady working on recently purchased M1009. Fortunately, I have my M1008 to use as a guide. Without it, I would have been lost long ago. One of the bug-a-boo's I have been trying to deal with is the loss of some of my grounds which was causing havoc with...
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    Mysterious Wire

    While I was was changing the water pump on my M1009, I came across this tiny wire connected to the side of Injector Pump. I got as close as I could with my phone to take this photo, so the context may be skewed. This wire appears to be a home-made wire as you can see a blue eyelet...
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    Glow Plug Testing Device

    Because I had the parts and because it was too wet (raining) to do anything outside, I built a Glow Plug Testing Unit. I will probably never need to use again, but it worked well to test the glow plugs on my M1009.
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    Another Part Identification Request

    While working on my 1985 M1009, I discovered this thing hiding between the back of the engine and the fire wall. It appears to be a resister but I cannot locate this thing in the -20 or -34 TM's. Can anyone tell me what this does, what it's for, and how does one know if it is working...
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    HMMWV vs CUCV Glow Plugs

    I recently found some glow plugs in a surplus shop. I researched the NSN and they came up a HMMWV glow plugs. Does anyone know if they might fit a CUCV 6.2? I thought I would ask before I bought one to try it out....
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    Identification help??

    Hello all... I have been working on my 1986 M1009. While working on my glow plug wiring harness, I discovered this plug. The wire is Blue with a Red chaser and it goes into this round plug. As best that I can tell, the wire comes from the block that holds the Glow Plug Circuit Board, but...
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    Info Requested: M1009 Parts Identification

    I recently bought an M1009 that will need a great deal of work. I have been plugging away at it, a little each day. I noticed a few things that I wasn't quite sure about, so I took some pictures. If any of you can provide some insight, I would greatly appreciate it. This clip is attached to...
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    How much generator do I need?

    I want to get a generator for my home, but I don't have a clue as to how big a machine to get. How do you folks figure it out? Where do they come from? How do you wire one into your home? Do you isolate specific circuits? I am guessing that homes that use natural gas have different power...
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    Glow Plug Questions

    I have never owned a diesel truck before and I have a few questions regarding the glow plugs that you folks might be able to answer. I am guessing that when the key is turned on and the WAIT light is active, the glow plugs are heating up, but do they ALL glow or is it possible that some work...
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    Cold Weather and CUCV's

    What do you folks recommend to keep the engine of my 6.2 warm during the coming cold days? I was thinking about a heated dipstick which would keep the oil warm, but what about keeping the coolant warm as well? If both of areas were kept warm, I imagine my CUCV will start every time I turn the...
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    Crimping Tool

    The wiring harness on my M101A2 trailer has some issues. I have the parts necessary (PS Magazine Issue 677, pages 9-13) to repair the connectors, but I don't have the crimping tool. Does anyone know the NSN for this tool or how to obtain one? Please advise
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    CUCV Door Locks and Ignition Switch

    While browsing this forum, I found a post that discussed the door locks and ignition switch. My CUCV had the factory locks and ignition, meaning of course that anyone with a CUCV key could snitch my truck. The post identified a source (GMCPauls Truck Parts) where you can obtain a replacement...
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    M1008 Heater/Blower Motor Non-Responsive

    The heater/blower motor on my M1008 works on occasion. I would like it to work when I need it. This is probably a typical Chevy/GMC problem and not specifically a CUCV issue. The switch feels "Good" (not sloppy or loose), the vent controls (off/defrost/heat) seem to have the right amount of...
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    M1102 Trailer Value?

    NSN 2330-01-387-5426. I have an opportunity to purchase an M1102 Trailer that appears to be in very good shape, but I have no idea what the value might be. What do you think a value on this type of trailer might be? The other question I have is would this be a good trailer to tow with my...
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