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    Anyone have any info re possible BMP-1 purchase?

    Am interested if any BMP-1 Czech refurbed units made it to the states, and if so what are they going for in running condition? I've had no luck getting a response from the site in england selling them. thanks for any substantive responses red pill
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    FNG considering an m35 purchase. What are the essentials?

    I'd like a multifuel truck but know nothing about them. The M35 type looks good but exactly what should I know about them and look for before I buy one. Is it worth buying a pro refurb vs buying someones homebrew rehab off ebay? TIA for any authorative info.
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    New noobi q's regarding the fuel shutoff solonoid for MEP003

    Again, sorry for my ing'nace WRT this unit, the mechanic not available til tomorrow so I again ask indulgences here because I'm new to this whole issue. I'm most appreciative WRT any kindnesses offered by experts. Seems if I put the FSS in its running position manually with a block the genset...
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    MEP003A fuel pump q's

    Hello again. Any guidance regarding the fuel pumps for the MEP003A genset? I can't get the unit to fire up at all, not much fuel misting in the exhaust, at least not like that of my diesel tractor before it fires up. Anyway, the fuel pumps click/clatter loudly when the switch is put in the...
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    MEP003A questions

    Howdy gents; I'm looking for any and all recommendations regarding my MEP003A genset. I'd like any user wisdom, recommendation and information as to where to get the corresponding plug with the ACCO cover. Sorry my expertice doesnt run to electricity and engines, mostly just the bang-bang and...
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