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    Seized my engine!

    I just put in a new distributor and took my 1952 m211 for a test drive. It was running fine but started to get loud while climbing the hill to get out of my neighborhood. I slowed down to check it out but as I slowed the engine stalled out. The starter wouldn't turn the engine at all. I've...
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    Water Pump

    My water pump stared leaking at the shaft... Anyone know where to find a water pump for the M211 (GMC 302)? I've been searching all over and can't find anything reasonable. All I can find is a listing on eBay, but its $250!!!!! There's gotta be something cheaper...
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    Need Appraisal for Title, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Hello everyone! Over the summer I bought an 1952 m211 (m215? It has a dump bed) on Craigslist for about $1000. The drive train is in good condition but all the brake lines were completely rotted so I've been replacing all lines and rebuilding the cylinders. Anyways, it didn't come with a title...
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