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    Help. No headlights all other lights work

    I have no headlights or dash lights. I have running lights, brake lights, signal lights, even "dome" light under dash works. Black out switch is in the service position. I checked the fuse and swapped with a known working one - nothing. To see if it was just the switch I pulled the plug...
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    Thanks to Maddawg

    I give out props to Maddawg. He picked up a ladder for me and because he is about 60 miles from me. Well, instead of me going out to his place to get it, he brought it into "town" to meet me and I could pick it up. I, being a total ass, was about 25 minutes late to meet him. Man I sure am...
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    Any market for M536

    Is there any market for an M536 Laundry trailer with the laudry stuff stripped off (basicaly a flat bed trailer). Truck
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    driving w/no alternator

    Okay, I need to get a M1008 home. I've had it running, but it is missing the 2 alternators and the wires have been cut instead of just disconnected. Is there anything that requires juice, that would prevent me from driving it home (40 miles) on 2 new batteries during the day? Truck
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    Little help from NJ to Aberdeen

    I know it is short notice, but... Any body coming to Aberdeen from close to or going by Hammonton, NJ? I'm buying this and need a little help getting home. It is not big, about 2.5' x 5' If someone could bring it to the show and I'll pick it up...
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    drive shaft ball joint

    I have a front drive shaft out of my m1009. The ball joint seals on the double u joint are gone. Can this be replaced? If so anybody know the part #? How do you get it apart? Truck
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    Id this generator

    Can anybody ID this generator? If not and I see it again what should I look for or take a picture of to ID it? Truck
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    anybody know what kind of axles are under this

    I've never seen this before. Does it have the standard CUCV 6.2 drivetrain? What kind of axles are those? Just curious. Truck
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    I'm going to look at truck for sale. Owner says it is a M1029 shelter carrier and is 1.5ton. I know the M1028 shelter carrier, but never heard of an M1029. Any one know of this? Either way, ideas on what to look out for? Truck
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    M1031 - 4L80E conversion ??s

    Alright, I've lurked on here before, but never posted up. So I finally joined and figured ya'll were the most likely to have an answer. Background: I have an 86 M1031 with utility box on the back. It has a 12KW generator run from the the PTO on the 205 tcase. Everything is currently stock...
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