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    homeade suitcase wirefeed questions.

    I am looking to use my civilian generator welder, a lincarc 225 dc pos and neg welder, to power the arc function of a wirefeed and use the 50 hrz 3,000 watt generator part as the power to trigger and drive the wire. the reason is i have limited space in my welding trailer tool boxes for any 115...
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    The 10kw gas genset runs!!!!!

    Well after tracking down tune up parts, burning up a starter, finding a starter and getting a spare, setting time close, and getting batteries and fuel hose it runs. at first the plugs on the front of the control panel were working after field charging the fields. now they dont work after...
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    Need starter for the 4A084-3 10 kw genset

    I used too many amps and volts to jump start my 10 kw genset as i was setting the timing. I took my starter to a local rebuilder and my armature is toast. im not uposed to having it rebuilt but life would be easier for me if anyone happens to know where i could get a working take-off unit or new...
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    10 kw 4a084-3 engin timing info needed.

    I have a points, condenser, and cap and rotor on the way from saturn. and now i need to time my beast. it is a 10 kw gas generator with the 84 cid 4a084-3 engine. i have downloaded all manuals here for the generator but i still have not found the points gap requirements and the timing specs. i...
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