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    CDR valve replacement - bracket modification.

    Just tossed on a NOS 25042443 CDR valve. Welded a couple new nuts to the bracket to clock the newer style clockwise a bit and it turned out pretty clean. (This is a civilian 6.2). As of 1/26/18 there are at least two sellers on eBay selling new CDR valves for under $18.00.
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    1st hand re-centered HMMWV wheel problems.

    I know there is a lot of opinions out there about recentering HMMWV wheels to get cheap double beadlocks with backspacing that works on most applications. So about 2.5 years ago I recentered a set of 12 bolt wheels to run on my rig. I wanted about 4.75” backspacing so flat centers were the...
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    Exhaust ideas for shackle flip?

    Anybody with a shackle flip come up with anything creative they want to share for a low profile tailpipe? I can’t go back with the pipe making an immediate 90 degree bend behind the rear wheels since the leaf spring is in the way. I’ve been rocking a sawzalled rusty exhaust system for a couple...
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    Search not functional with android using Firefox browser.

    I can't seem to use the search from my Android phone. Using Firefox as my browser I use the "Google custom search" on the site I get this when I try to follow one of the search results... "We're sorry. We were unable to access the page that you requested." Any ideas? It is a pain to have to...
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    12 bolt / 24 bolt wheel stud compatibility?

    Anybody know if the wheel studs are identical between any of the different wheel styles? I can get a cheap 24 bolt wheel shell, and I'm curious if the studs would work in my late style 12 bolt (non conical washer) wheels. Thanks for your time, Peter.
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    Anyone ever wire in a cold advance / high idle manual disable / bypass?

    I hate driving around the neighborhood while the cold advance is on in the wee hours of the morning. I am thinking of wiring the cold advance / high idle to a double throw switch. Up would be manual on, center position would be disable and down would be normal, where it is controlled by the...
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    Injector return hose side by side comparison. Tygon/silicone/Viton etc...

    So last weekend I had a injector return hose fail. It was less than two years old and it was one of the cloth sheathed 3mm_1/8" "german" style hoses purchased from a vendor on eBay specifically for that use. So I went on McMaster Carr and went nuts ordering different style hoses. All have an...
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