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  1. lighten

    PT Pump Adjustments

    Ill see if i can get one this week. They are almost the same turbo but the ht is a updated version, exhaust housing options, flows about 300cfm more air and the compressor outlet is v-band. I have used the 3b numerous times for cheap 12v twin turbo builds, they make good power for what they are.
  2. lighten

    PT Pump Adjustments

    Yea sounds like a need a button also. I added a HT60 turbo and then checked my rail pressure. My rebuilt pump had about 165 psi, with a 32 button. I adjusted it at the throttle shaft to 195, throttle response is better, but only 800egt @15 psi boost max no smoke at all. I think iam gonna go...
  3. lighten

    PT Pump Adjustments

    Also interested in this. What fuel button did you use?
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