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  1. Srjeeper

    R.I.P.--LIFER--Charles Briggs

    Aint that the truth.....him a many others that are no longer with us yet still have an influence..... Ace Tomato Armyman 30+ yrs. IronHorse the General Eithan (Builder) and others who's names escape me, but should be in a Memorial Thread on Steel Soldiers so we can never forget with the passin...
  2. Srjeeper

    R.I.P.--LIFER--Charles Briggs

    Penny, this is for you and your mom from someone who considered your father an internet friend... "He kept at true good humour's mark The social flow of pleasure's tide: He never made a brow look dark, Nor caused a tear, but when he died." ~Thomas Love Peacock RIP Charlie...
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