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  1. Ferroequinologist

    MEP003A questions

    OPCOM, I'm with you. I have an Oscilloscope that my grandfather built out of a surplus WWII B52 radar screen and a cartload of tubes. Takes about 5min to power up, and still works great! I need to label the dials though, Pop-pop just used to remember what they did, and I don't use it much so...
  2. Ferroequinologist

    MEP003A questions

    My land is surrounded by 6,000 acres of woods. Not to many neighbors, but I'm friends with the guys down the road. If the eletricity is gone, so be it. Mankind survived thousands of years without it. I know half or better of the pop would just curl up and die if the tv and computer stopped...
  3. Ferroequinologist

    MEP003A questions

    Are you going to cause said event?
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