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  1. coachgeo

    Transmission seal leak

    Doubt it goes high enough. Guess you would have to build a pretty tall cribbing to go between tranny jack and Trucks tranny. Would worry about stability with all the cribbing making it taller
  2. coachgeo

    Transmission seal leak

    loos like you had a fork lift to help though. would like to know how you did it if not w/forklift. I need to remove two (and swap good one into other.
  3. coachgeo

    Transmission seal leak

    If you are still running engine oil in the tranny...... use UV light leak detect system . put in the detect fluid in the ENGINE.... clean the area thoroughly. run the truck till she drips again.... then check with UV light to see if it was engine oil leak. IF light does not show...
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