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  1. rumplecat

    I'm In Dire need of a Manual

    No Compression? I am getting a lot of fuel vapor out of the exhaust when I turn the engine over, a cloud of diesel, no smoke at all, I am thinking the exhaust valve may be stuck open, no compression but plenty of dense vapor? I have had the cover off the valves I just can't tell if the valve...
  2. rumplecat

    I'm In Dire need of a Manual

    RE: I Ace: I have not found a compression release, where would it be located, I can post some photos of the engine if that would help? The engine truns over great and puts out a dense cloud of diesel vapor, no smoke, the generator works since it will make a light flutter just turning over the...
  3. rumplecat

    I'm In Dire need of a Manual

    I need manual number TO-35C2-3-499-1 for a 3kw diesel genset. I need the manual to see what I am doing wrong trying to start this little beast. Any help is appreciated. James G. PS: The one below is Paul P.'s but the same model without wheels.
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