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  1. sandcobra164

    Thanks to Welder1 and Dumpster!

    Bringing this back to the top because I had a misfire again. I was taking my 5 ton to Welder1's shop on a fairly routine trip when it decided it wanted to lose air pressure. I made it into the yard with almost 40 pounds of air pressure and the rear drums were hot! No worries, I parked it in...
  2. sandcobra164

    Thanks to Welder1 and Dumpster!

    I had a breakdown Sunday and had to have my M923A1 towed. Thankfully I had a towbar in the bed and a friend close by with an M923A2. My truck made it home safely. I pulled the Injection pump and sure enough I found my problem. 15 gallons of oil drained out, IP removed and turned into an...
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