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  1. teletech

    Issues with SF-97

    EUC wait times I get not having control over but I feel that it's a bit disingenuous to be taking someone's money for something you can't even predict when you would be able to actually release to buyer. If you know it's going to sell, if I were a vendor I'd get a release so I could actually...
  2. teletech

    Issues with SF-97

    Six months and counting. Back in May I posted the below. Jwade reached out, which I very much appreciated, and informed me that this truck needed a radiological survey before they would even start on the EUC and said survey hadn't even begun to be scheduled! He added that due to the delay and...
  3. teletech

    Issues with SF-97

    Not to complain or brag but I do have some buyer's remorse because I bought a M109A3 back in early December 2015 and am still waiting on my EUC. I'd like to point out that it only took a bit over a month to get a permit from the BATF to import tracked armor. Yes, some of it my fault as the...
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