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    Do You Cover Your 803?

    Mine is outside. The radiator got packed with snow one time so now I cover the vents with sections of truck mud flaps to keep snow, ice, leaf debris out. I believe the covers (flaps) help keep insects and rodents out, too. Posts 28 & 34 show details.
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    Do You Cover Your 803?

    More Details on Post #28 - Mud Flap Covers..... I buy 3 foot mud flaps and cut them to fit then tie them in place with para-cord. I make a small hook to hang the vertical ones in place (see pics) and secure them with a loop of cord around the lower ends. I use the upper door handles to...
  3. Z

    Do You Cover Your 803?

    I bought a couple 18-wheeler mud flaps: one is tied to the top vent to keep out snow and debris. I cut pieces from the other to cover the air intake vents. Intake vents have a V hook made by bending a corner brace to hang them in place. I secure all three with cord.
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