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  1. Crf450x

    Fan Clutch Rebuild Parts/Pictures

    This is in reference to an nhc250 fan clutch. Internals may be the same for the 8.3, I don’t know. I searched and searched and couldn’t find any information on this. The parts manual diagram looks like Chinese when you haven’t had it apart yet. And the kits are way overpriced. This cost just...
  2. Crf450x

    PT Pump Adjustments

    So the way I understand it, on an 855, the only thing that determines the fuel rate is rail pressure, right? So if that is the case, what’s the difference between changing the button and adjusting the screw?
  3. Crf450x

    M923 13 Speed Swap

    Figured I’d start a thread showing my swap progress. Maybe it will help someone in the future as there is very little info out there on it. Very short version of the back story...about 3 months ago I bought an m923a2 and an m923 as a package deal. Plan was to keep the a2 and sell the a0. Wound...
  4. Crf450x

    Nhc250 Max Rail Pressure

    What’s the max safe rail pressure on these? I’m planning to install a gauge and my options are 200 psi or 400. The truck is stock right now but may not stay that way. I have searched and searched for an answer and can’t find anything....
  5. Crf450x

    NHC250 Front Crank Seal

    Does anybody know the correct Cummins part number for nhc250 front crank seal? I found 208069 in a tm on here but quickserve shows 3010457.
  6. Crf450x

    M923a2 Transmission

    I just bought an m923a2 a couple weeks ago. Drove it 250 miles home and have put 100 miles on it since. The transmission has shifted flawlessly. Today I took off in it and it wouldn’t go into 5th gear. So I headed back home in 4th and then lost that one too. It downshifted to 3rd by itself and...
  7. Crf450x

    Outer Wheel Seal

    I bought a deuce recently with a bad gear oil leak at the left rear wheels. I assumed it was just a wheel seal with oil bath bearings like a modern truck. After doing some research here, I discovered it’s totally different. So anyway I tore it down today to figure out what’s going on but I...
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