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  1. rickf

    Mess tent and weather forum?

    Where did the mess tent and the weather forum go? Gone? It has been in my frequently looked at pages for years and I check it every day and I went here just now and it is gone. I just looked at it earlier.
  2. rickf

    Who, if anybody, is going to Aberdeen this year?

    I have not seen one single post other than the one announcing the event. Is anyone going this year?
  3. rickf

    Where to buy parts for MEP-002 and 003 gensets anymore

    6 or 7 years ago I was looking to rebuild the injection system on one of my sets and I was talking to Storeman about getting some parts. Life git in the way and I never got it done but I want to get on it now that I am retired. I do not see Storeman on here anymore and his last posts were in...
  4. rickf

    Who is handling the general surplus now that GL is out?

    I sent GL a message after getting an e-mail saying they were changing names and this is the reply I got. Is Gov-Planet now handling things like ammo cans and shelters in addition to vehicles? Thank you for your e-mail. We are no longer holders of the GovernmentContract. If you would be...
  5. rickf

    Bought a M37

    Well, been looking for a M37 for a long time but I wanted a winch truck and finding one at the right price (cheap) was hard. Found one in Fla. so I bought it. Now comes the ordeal of getting it to NJ! It was a restoration project that was donated to a museum so they could sell it to make some...
  6. rickf

    Need M37 moved from Florida to NJ.

    Need a M37 moved from Green Cove Springs Florida To Pemberton NJ.
  7. rickf

    No more closed watchlist?

    Does GL no longer show whats is in your closed watchlist? I used to use that as a guide to what items were selling for before bidding on stuff. Maybe that is why they no longer show it?
  8. rickf

    Reserve on auctions?

    When did they start putting a reserve on auctions? I am looking at generators and they all have a reserve, a fairly high one for what I am looking at from the looks of it.
  9. rickf

    One for you 1070 guys, NEVER give up!

    Just goes to show that persistence sometimes pays off. That was what, 10 gallons of fuel in that section?
  10. rickf

    Interesting M-1070 video

    Was surfing and found this video, thought it might be of interest to you big hauler guys.
  11. rickf

    25.00 handling charge?

    What is with the new handling charge on all of the smaller stuff? Like they don't get enough from the buyers fee?!
  12. rickf

    R.I.P.--TOPTIGER--Geoffrey Webster

    We have lost another member here and on a couple of the M-151 forums. Toptiger May he rest in peace. He passed away from cancer at home in France with his family at his side at 3:00 pm our time this afternoon. Rick
  13. rickf

    Air compressor question

    OK, Air compressor guys. I have a 15 cfm compressor powered by a 4AO32 engine and a Quincey compressor on what appears to be a 60 gallon horizontal tank. I am trying to find out if this thing is putting out what it should. Got it running great, when it starts, that is another issue. Once running...
  14. rickf

    MEP-002, 003 timing buttons

    I thought I saw a post somewhere about the timing buttons being more available now, maybe on Ebay? I can't find it in search but then again I am lousy at search phrases. I really need to get the pump changed on my spare 002. Rick
  15. rickf

    Editing posts

    Can't edit my posts anymore? 02/26/13 Something new? My spelling is terrible so I always have to go back and correct. Yes, I am one of THOSE guys. Rick
  16. rickf

    PM full message when it is not full?

    Did the requirements change for pm's? People are getting a message that my inbox is full and yet when I check it is not. I just deleted a bunch of stuff and still the pm's that were sent are not there. Rick
  17. rickf

    MEP-002/003 engine servicing

    OK, We all know about idling a military generator. BIG No-No. I have a question. Is there any way of disconnecting the critical generating components without disconnecting the engine operating system? Example #1, Can I unplug the generator controllers from the control box but still have the...
  18. rickf

    Do any other trailer tarps fit a M116?

    Did a search for M116 tarps and came up with everything but. Can anybody tell me if any other trailers use the same tarps or a good place to find one? Rick
  19. rickf

    Oil pressure safety switch

    Sorry guy's I just, do not have time to read all the sticky's or go through the classifieds. I have no internet at home and I have limited time I can play at work. I apparently have a bad oil switch. 002A started cutting out yesterday for no obvious reason, bypassed oil switch and have had no...
  20. rickf

    Now this is a multi-fuel!

    Here you go. 6 cylinder, 12 pistons. Yep thats what I said, and it is a multifuel AND it is military! leyland l60 6 cylinder 12 piston engine (monster) - YouTube Rick
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