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  1. Duckworthe

    LMTV registration in California. BUYERS BEWARE

    I just want to make a quick post to inform people on some changes that are taking place in the California DMV. I have a couple friends who are converting their trucks to RVs, and also including myself converting a Volvo semi tractor into an RV. What I was told by CHP and another member was that...
  2. Duckworthe

    Another fuel issue

    Ok so my truck runs like a top. I check everything over before every start up. This engine fires up fast every time. Now for the fueling issue......I had an issue back about 4 months ago where I started the truck and it stumbled and stalled. Acted like there was air in the line. I primed the...
  3. Duckworthe

    Might be time for a new project!? To sell or keep current truck? Your thoughts....

    Well, I have been kicking around the idea of building a new truck. I think I might just pull the trigger and do it. I would like to build a 6x6 version of what I have now. I have been very happy with what I have built into this current truck, but I am a fabricator at hard and the heart loves to...
  4. Duckworthe

    Need 100 amp alternator voltage regulator

    I had my voltage regulator go out on my Niehoff alternator. I have the unit in the shop but can't test the Alt without the regulator. Does anyone have one they will sell me? I'm unable to move my truck until I get this replaced. Pic attached. Thank you and let me know as soon as possible if...
  5. Duckworthe

    Alternator 24 volt stud broke off and how i fixed it.

    Good afternoon everyone. So I was working on my alternator bracket and decided to remove the alternator all together to see if there was a better way. Well, while I was removing the 24 volt lug the 1/4-20 stud that was corroded snapped right off. It took about 5 foot lbs to snap it off. Glad it...
  6. Duckworthe

    Cab mount bushings

    Morning all, Let me start out by stating if you are a purist, you may want to go run and hide in a closet for this. I am not a purist. I am function over form on my truck. Not looking to get $$ taken out of my pocket for a correct NSN part from a few dealers that control the market, when there...
  7. Duckworthe

    M1078 camper in the Glamis dunes Thanksgiving 2016

    Morning everyone. I was trying to post some pics yesterday but the site kept locking up and not responding. Will try again today. I took camper out to Glamis sand dunes here in SOCAL. It is always a great time. First time taking the truck out into serious sand dunes. Everyone was asking if I...
  8. Duckworthe

    Manually shifting M1087 transmision while driving

    Just a general question concerning manually shifting the truck with up/down arrows while moving. I have always wondered what would happen if while pulling a hill and just wanting the truck to drop one more gear instead of lugging. I know the truck has to be STOPPED to be shifted into Mode. But...
  9. Duckworthe

    Cat 3116 max altitude questions

    I have a 1997 3116 engine and it has a max altitude sticker but I can't read it anymore. I'm wondering what it used to say, and if I could drive the truck up through Colorado through Vail 10,000 foot of elevation? Will these engines just starve for oxygen? I know it will be slow going, as is...
  10. Duckworthe

    Update on Camper build w/pics

    A few have been asking me for some pics of my camper build and a few have come to the house to look at it. So I figured I would post a couple pics. I am very much enjoying the truck and it really does go anywhere that I have wanted to go. I scratch it up and bounce off a few boulders now and...
  11. Duckworthe

    1997 m-1078, two empty plugs behind the heater console?

    I have the 1997 first gen M1078 and have the heater console out to repair some air lines and wiper arm behind it. I noticed that there are two unused plugs behind there labeled P912 and J913. I can't find these in my books as to what they would be for. Maybe the winch control options or the more...
  12. Duckworthe

    My truck shocked me!!

    Hey Guys, So I was working on my truck and as I was pulling on my wrenches I felt a poke or pinch on the back of my arm where it was touching metal. I thought that maybe it was just a sharp piece of metal but it wasn't. So what would cause this? never had this problem before. I added winches to...
  13. Duckworthe

    Rear stabilizer bar bushings

    Ok, just figured that I would share what I did to replace my worn out swawbar rubber bushings,(item 8 in the drawings). NOTE: Now please understand that this is just how I handled the problem/fix. By no means is it the right way or wrong way. Also understand that nine is a highly used RV and I...
  14. Duckworthe

    CTIS Overspeed at terminal velocity!

    Ok all, Have a question about my CTIS over speed flickering when I get to between 58-60 mph. Sometimes it does it sometimes not. However for those who have and those of us wanting to go to MRAP gears, how are we dealing with this issue at the higher speeds? Manual says that freeway setting is...
  15. Duckworthe

    M-1078 power steering fluid type

    OK guys, I have been going through my TM's trying to find the type of fluid to use in the system of my LMTV. I find the amount but can't find the type. I thought Navy TM's are a pain but these Army TM's just pure **** in paper. Thanks all.
  16. Duckworthe

    Need m1078 hauled from GA to San diego CA

    Anyone make a normal haul from GA to San Diego Ca? Need a back Haul? I just picked up my truck and drove it to my friends place. I need to find out what it would cost to haul out on flatbed or even by rail. anyone ever do this length of haul? Also I heard of a sight called "You Ship" I was told...
  17. Duckworthe

    M1078 frame flex question/compared to Unimog frame flex

    I am designing my custom camper box to mount on my M1078. Here is my question. Just how flexy is the chassis as compared to a Unimog? I have build a camper on a Unimog and retained the basic Unimog 3 point mount system. Should I mount my new camper box straight to the M1078 chassis or use a 3...
  18. Duckworthe

    Just picked up my first m1078! Air Compressor broke on way home!

    Just joined the sight and love it! I had my buddy pick up my 97 m1078 from Atlanta two days ago. He said it ran like a top, however on the 90 mile trip he said that the power steering went out and the low air alarm went off. He had it towed to a nearby shop and they said that the compressor most...
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