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    Do You Cover Your 803?

    I don't like the idea of the air intake for the radiator filling up with rain and snow. That water would have to go somewhere, and eventually it seems to me that it would cause issues. I suppose I could just snap a cover on the top to cover the air inlet and the exhaust flapper.
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    Do You Cover Your 803?

    A plywood box large enough to cover the 803 would be too heavy for the wife to remove if she needed to start it while I am at work. I was thinking about buying some Sunbrella fabric and sewing up a cover with some snaps to attach it. I understand mice could chew through the fabric but it would...
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    Do You Cover Your 803?

    I currently have mine covered with a canvas tarp and plastic over that, held in place with some bungee cords. It is permanently installed on a concrete slab next to the house so the portable trailer setup is not an option. The reason I do this is because of the vented opening on the top that...
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