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    Premium Membership Explained

    I don't know if this has been asked, or answered, but I've gone thorugh my profile, and trying to see where I can change things, and I don't see where I can change where it says the rank? Wasn't this one of the 'Changes' afforded to Premium members? If so, Where? :lost:
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    Premium Membership Explained

    True, but some were already strange before! And as we all know, somethings get better with age!
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    Premium Membership Explained

    I think it's worth it for the year. If not, going back to free is that big of a deal. Since I joined, I've made new friends, learned a lot about MVs and worried about people I don't even know. Yeah, and cared about them too. As my darling wife says. There are no strangers. Just friends we...
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