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  1. BKubu

    Oil & lubrication

    Asking guys about which oil they prefer is like asking someone if they prefer Chevy to Ford and Dodge. People tend to stick with the brands they trust. I don't think you can go wrong with a quality name brand 15W40 oil for diesel engines. I've used many brands in the past...Rotella, Delvac...
  2. BKubu

    Feels good to be back!

    Welcome back!
  3. BKubu

    Thanks Suprman!

    Same. He has always been extremely helpful.
  4. BKubu

    MTVR, VIN on chassis?

    Thanks, Wes.
  5. BKubu

    MTVR, VIN on chassis?

    I have searched, but I did not find anything. If it exists, please forgive me! :) Can the VIN be found on the chassis of an MTVR?
  6. BKubu

    Hard top for M35a2 or M931 needed

    You may know this, but please note that a hardtop for an M44 series truck (e.g., M35A2) won't fit an M939 series truck.
  7. BKubu

    Re-sale of a EUC vehicle question

    I provide them with a copy of the relevant section from the EUC and have them sign it. I keep a copy and give them one.
  8. BKubu

    Thank you! Texas here!

    Welcome. That looks to be a very solid truck.
  9. BKubu

    Brake Issue M51A2

    Kenny, I believe that you have an air pack issue. I once had a bad air pack in an M813A1 and you had to literally stand on the pedal to get the truck to stop. This sounds like what is happening to you. Fortunately, aside from the expense for the air pack, it is a fairly easy swap.
  10. BKubu

    Arrived...........the M1009/BIAB1 from german M1008

    Your truck looks great. I am very tempted to contact CUCVRUS to see if he can put one as nice together for me! Thanks for the update! I'd love to see some pics of your dogs!
  11. BKubu

    PA registration / title

    I agree with John.
  12. BKubu

    Good vendor for Humvee covers and doors going out of business

    I do this regularly. I first compare the price of American-made vs. the cheapest (i.e., Chinese). I usually end up buying American unless it is for a one-time use and the price difference is large. We need to support our own companies and stop funding a hostile nation.
  13. BKubu

    MKT-75 It started out that I wanted to make a tactical burger.

    Looks great, HUNvee! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  14. BKubu

    How often do you drive your 5 ton?

    It varies by the time of year (I never take my trucks out when there is salt on the road), but I'd say that I drive a truck (not necessarily the 5 ton) almost every weekend. The 5 ton is in the rotation. The 5 ton probably gets driven twice a month, sometimes more, but rarely less.
  15. BKubu

    Arrived...........the M1009/BIAB1 from german M1008

    Great looking M1009. CUCVRUS did a great job, and it sounds like you are enhancing it. I have read some articles about the stringent safety inspections in the EU. I'd be interested in hearing more about what you had to do. I guess that may be included in PART 2. I already saw that you had...
  16. BKubu

    The Green Croc.... My monster KrAZ-255B1

    It was evident firsthand at the East Coast Military Vehicle Rally in Churchville, MD some years back. It rained during the show, and the roads in, out, and around the show were fields of mud. Trucks and cars were getting stuck. I saw several guys with restored vehicles actually turning around...
  17. BKubu

    The Green Croc.... My monster KrAZ-255B1

    Alex, thank you for the update. Please continue to keep us posted. The truck looks great!
  18. BKubu

    The Green Croc.... My monster KrAZ-255B1

    Nice looking truck, Alex. Cool recovery story. The inside of the cab looks very clean from the one picture. My wife is Russian and I keep telling her that I want an Ural 4320. So far, she's not going for it. But, she once agreed that I should get an M1015A1 when I was pricing out a T-72...
  19. BKubu

    Using a pallet jack to install/remove super singles

    Or, you could buy my military-issue tire jack. It works with singles or duals. $75. It comes with a nylon safety rope, although the rope has seen better days (the jack, inself, is fine and works well).
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