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  1. BikerBi11

    Possible duel circuit fix

    Has anyone looked at this? Haven't been able to find anything.
  2. BikerBi11

    Dana 44 swap, M1010

    I have an 85 M1010 with the common 4.56:1 gears and rear locker. The 4.56:1 gears are too low for me living out in Wyoming, so, I am going to swap out the front Dana 60 for a Dana 44 with 4.10:1 gearing with Hummer 37s.Will also be doing the rear with a corp 14 FF same gear ratio. using blocks...
  3. BikerBi11

    M51A2 Value??

    Looked all over SS for a value on this thing. Found it quite by accident while driving the Deuce around today. M51A2 wo/w bretty beat up old truck, and I think the guy is asking too much. What do you experts think the value on one of these is?
  4. BikerBi11

    Interesting day!!

    Got my new to me deuce home a couple of weeks ago. Been driving it around some and noticed it was pouring out a LOT of smoke. It didnt have the power I thought it should either. When it was ideling, I noticed that it had a funny sound under the hood. Time to investigate. Sound coming from...
  5. BikerBi11

    Finally, my turn!!!!

    I bit the bullet and bought my first deuce! Going to go recover it in Laramie WY. in tomorrow. It is a 1966 Kaiser M35A2D. Drove one just like it the military in the 80's. I think I payed too much, but it was one of the closest ones to where i live, and it was the only one I could find that goes...
  6. BikerBi11

    Please help identify this CUCV?

    Found this thing but I have no idea what it is. Any help? I do know that it has a gas engine.
  7. BikerBi11

    M1010 rear axle swap

    This is for all of you that dont know this. A 3/4 ton axle out of a 3/4 ton GM pickup will not fit without serious modifications. My rear axle was out of a 78. spring spacing was wrong, shock mounts were 180 degrees out, and that is where i quit. Will be putting the original back in tomarrow
  8. BikerBi11

    Possible perchase of a CCKW to flip, thoughts?

    Here is the skinny, a friend of mine mived to a new town and his neighbor had a CCKW in his yard with a for sale sign in it. have not gone to look at it yet but have seen pics of it. Clames that it ran when he drove it home from the county yard 5 years ago. Made him an offer substantually less...
  9. BikerBi11

    M123A1C found hiding out!!

    Ok guys and gals, I went to inquire about a couple of M35s. Got to looking at them, and for what he wanted for one of them I could buy a turn key unit. Told him that if he still had them in a couple of months, I would come by and make him an offer. That being said, He said to me " I might just...
  10. BikerBi11

    Studebaker M35 possible recovery

    Ok, you guys know more about this than I do. Accidently found a Studebaker duce yesterday. It comes with a straight plow as well as a drift plow. I havent seen it yet, but he said it runs good. I am not looking for a gas one, but that is what this one is. I want a miltifuel. about how much do...
  11. BikerBi11

    Newbie gets an M1010

    Hey everybody!@ Just got a 1985 M1010. truck is rough, but I thiunk I can make it go. Inside of shelter has been modified to a point that there is really nothing left original. Will be needing benches and more. Any help will help! Thanks
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