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  1. dikwks

    Hello from Virginia

    Hey from Suffolk, VA. Since you have a small one, maybe you should upsize gradually. Get a deuce, then move on to a 5 ton. It just makes sense. Sorta. It'll definitely be fun. LOL. Then you can move on to generators and trailers and such.
  2. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Update: Sorry it took so long. Last week, a trans came up for sale, and I snatched it up as well as a radiator. It took a couple of days to get there and back, then another couple to check the takeout and get it installed. Just finished installing the floor plates yesterday. It seemed fine...
  3. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    I got the mainshaft taken down today. These are some seriously ugly pictures. As for 2nd and 3rd gears, the faces of bores don't look awful, but given the look of those sections of the mainshaft, those bores are trashed. Here's the critter that started this all put back together, sorta. All...
  4. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Got the snap ring for 5th off and got some pictures of the ring and thrust washer as well as front and rear pictures of the gear. The thrust surfaces look rough. I don't have access to a press yet, maybe Monday. Got two pictures of the area where the broken thrust washer was, looks real...
  5. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    G: Thanks for the fork info, just checked and they're all running between .368 and .373. I've gotten the shaft out and pulled it down to where I need the press. The input shaft looks a little worn but the synchro dogs are not terribly misshapen. Each shot is 120deg from the other. Some...
  6. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Got it in the driveway and pulled the top off. Found some wear on the forks, but doesn't seem awful. Checked the synchronizers and found that they look pretty worn The gears themselves look ok in that they don't seem excessively worn, although they do have some rust. Maybe there was some...
  7. dikwks

    Using house paint. on HMMWV

    House paint worked just fine on my deuce and my 925. The deuce paint job is about 6 years old now and looks just fine. Holds up to all of the crap that grows on it under the trees and power washes right off. No flaking or fading.
  8. dikwks

    Drilling the manifold

    Sounds like you're on the right track so far. Yes, leave it running, use the proper sized bit with some oil, both for the drill and tap. Take it slow, and keep the tap straight. Above all, don't get stressed. It ain't hard, you're gonna be just fine. Rick
  9. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    @clinto Well, crap! Another cherished assumption shot down by facts and logic! But still, ain't she purty? I believe that a lady friend of yours got me that cargo cover a couple of years ago. A big thanks to Dawn Crook for a smokin' hot deal! It may be a little mis-matched, but it helps it...
  10. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Just checked for play at the output shaft and there was none, neither axial or radial. Thanks. Did get the numbers off of the tag, so I'll be contacting NAPA soon. Want to check the TM first to see what stuff there is and its proper name. Regardless of its being 51 years old, the truck is in...
  11. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Thanks for the responses. I will be checking for that axial play today. I checked with my buddy at NAPA today and he's got a guy. He worked for Spicer or Eaton and still has the contacts, etc. He said to pull the serial # off of the tag and call back to check for pricing. If it pans out...
  12. dikwks

    Deuce 3053A Transmission pops out of 3rd and 5th

    Hey everyone, From what I've been able to search out, it seems that the problem is due to worn synchronizers. I'm a little confused though because this is out of the blue, I haven't had any problems with those gears at all. No grinding during shifts or pop-outs before and now it's happening...
  13. dikwks

    purchase from John Appel

    John's been straight up in my dealings with him. Went above and beyond in getting me my parts. Good man to deal with.
  14. dikwks

    Weather covers for MEP-803A

    Judging from what I see here, you have good posting skills (even had a pitcher), and some outstanding cover making skills. Well done, sir!
  15. dikwks

    pass to enter Pourtsmouth Va

    You'll need to go to the pass office at the shipyard up the road. It is Norfolk Naval Shipyard and the pass office is near the main gate. Take your paid invoice and some ID. Be prepared to wait.
  16. dikwks

    New member from va

    Hey from Suffolk.
  17. dikwks

    Homemade centrifuge

    Not sure to whom the request is directed. Don't think it's me, but if you need pix of my stuff, we're S.O.L. I'm out of town for another couple of months. Would be interested in seeing some pictures of your set-up though. Mine shook like a big dog until i got the idea of mounting the sleeve...
  18. dikwks

    Anyone in the Norfolk Virginia area help with driver's license for 5 ton

    Heh, heh, heh. Found ya! The offer remains. Dick.
  19. dikwks

    Caster adjustments to suit 11.00X20 changeover

    Update to the thread: I got some two degree shims ( from Summit Racing, I think). After measuring the thickness of the shim at the hole, I decided not to use them as I would have lost too much of the pin engagement of the spring to the upper side of the perch. The shim was .250" thick at the...
  20. dikwks

    Best for thinning WMO

    One of the reasons I got the deuce was that it will burn anything. I had initially been looking for an old diesel pick up to try out "black diesel". Then I found out that a deuce engine was designed to anything from gas to fuel oil. What a great idea! Had to have one. I got the deuce, got...
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