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  1. Milkman357

    Ugh i rolled her!

    Just a follow up. I did put it back together and drove it until 2019. I would not recommend fixing it, for safety sake. The repair would have never held up in another roll over. RUSTED floor boards finally destroyed her. I got 9 winters in Iowa outta her. I did get another M-1009...
  2. Milkman357

    Poll - Who has done the Doghead Relay Conversion

    I've done it to two M-1009s. The 2nd one, I forgot to do the upgrade, until stock relay stuck one day. Because of Steel Soldiers I knew what was happening right away and gave my center, lower dash a quick kick when it happened. That unstuck the relay. I went right to NAPA and got my new...
  3. Milkman357

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2019 - July VOTE HERE!

    Bud's Jeep! Great background history.
  4. Milkman357


    I am always amazed at your organizational skills. Thank you for the hard work!
  5. Milkman357

    cucv alternator rebuilding

    I own 2 M-1009s. Rebuilt two alternators...Both on the Driver's side. Both had the rectifier bridge shorted out causing the front battery to drain. On my dash.. the alternator light(#2 if I remember) would stay on along with the Low Oil Pressure light. ??? I make no claim that everything...
  6. Milkman357

    Strange CUCV Gen 1 light issue

    Generator #1 is the Passenger side Alternator? Oil pressure light and Gen 1 light stay on after I turn off the engine. Pulling fuses do not make the lights go out. The left indicator light on the dash also has not worked for awhile. ( may not be related) This kills the battery. I have a...
  7. Milkman357

    starter solenoid

    How about help getting the solenoid off? How To?
  8. Milkman357


    Great Photos, Thanks for the organization!
  9. Milkman357

    flat tow HMMWV

    I have a class A cdl, Drove flat bed for awhile and have flat towed M-1009 with my Suburban. 70mph.. the M-1009 follows right behind...smooth. I don't think flat towing the Humvee is a good idea, unless its just 20 miles to get it home. I'm going to use a trailer. Thanks for all the...
  10. Milkman357

    New Home, awaiting EUC to clear

    I don't have a pickup, so this makes sense. I have a M101 trailer that will look great behind this. I was gonna flat tow this, but a friend has a trailer for me to use. Where the heck is Randall Minnesota? Google google google
  11. Milkman357

    flat tow HMMWV

    I've flat towed my M-1009s several times, easy peasey. I've been looking for info/pictures on the connections for hooking up a towbar to a Hmmvw. Doesn't look like I can use my Home made tow bar ends on the Hmmvw. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Milkman357

    Smoke after glowplug swap

    I just put in my New AC 60g glow plugs. I was apparently down to 3 remaining glow plugs (that worked), they were not AC 60g but I think Wellmans.. With only three glow plugs the circuitry clicks and makes noises. In the future I will use this as a sign the glow plug system needs...
  13. Milkman357

    Injector pump removal / install

    Great write up, and it convinced me to let a professional do it. A local shop will charge me around $450 labor for the install. They will give me a lifetime warranty on the rebuilt one. $602 for the rebuilt injector pump, I would need to buy that either way. I am pretty sure I could do...
  14. Milkman357

    Speedometer 15 MPH off

    Math? I just put on 33 inch tires.. so I'm going faster than what the speedo says (M-1009) Math hurts my head lately... Any advice for me? I'm gonna just figure out the percentage it's off then use some white out or something to label 25, 55, and 65 mph... Maybe I should remove that...
  15. Milkman357

    M1009 side windows

    soft top pictures I can hardly wait for the pics of your soft top.. if money was no object.. Id get one..have one made.. whatever it took!
  16. Milkman357

    M1009 side windows

    Airflow.. Speaking of Airflow.. If you don't have a fan mounted on that old radio mount, on the dash, you AINT living! Having the fan helps greatly, especially in stop and go traffic.. I've been thinking about a second fan, for the passengers... The second fan would also help with the...
  17. Milkman357

    M1009 side windows

    Etching Primer and installation advice?! Any Auto parts store has etching primer to enable you to paint the Aluminium Frame the sliders sit in.. I could use more advice on intstallation.. I LOVE my sliders.. I highly recommend them. The rear seat passengers love them more than me.. I...
  18. Milkman357

    Glow Plug Controller

    vood do who do? Dang.. this is weird.. but if it works... don't complain right? This newer M-1009.. was having the glow plug WAIT light stay on... SOOOO I swapped out the Temp Sensor.. thinking it was bad. NOPE.. not the problem. WAIT light still stays on even after the vehicle was...
  19. Milkman357

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    actually..... If you move the mount higher.. there is plenty of room... I used the stock filter mount.. and added a 6" lenght of metal.. to move the assembly up.. It's as close to the hood as I can get it.. PLENTY of room under the filter.. The vent Idea is a good idea! if I don't...
  20. Milkman357

    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    yup.... Ya don't don't your limits.... until ya test your limits..... I learned that in Kindergarten ! [thumbzup]
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