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  1. jmpogue89

    Air leak

    If I didn’t dive the Growler for a week, i would find it squatting down and I would start it and air it up. I thought this was normal but I eventually found a small leak in the line from the compressor head to the air dryer. this air hose was laying on top of the dryer and vibrated through. So...
  2. jmpogue89

    Oil filter

    If you are looking I found this information
  3. jmpogue89

    There’re called turn buttons

    I’m sure everyone has some of these broken turn buttons. I found them on Amazon. They are sold by Northwest Tarp and Canvas. I bought the eyelit kit with them and they are anodized black-ish. I got enough to replace them all. The punch is 1/8 inch. If anyone wants the old ones that are still in...
  4. jmpogue89

    What’s this?

    Does everyone have this holder on the dash? My guess is that it hols a GPS device the size of a cellphone. Mine fits but doesn’t lock with the current case.
  5. jmpogue89

    Electrical info

    If you have discovered the relays under the steering wheel and have no idea which is which I found this information on mine. Not to say they could have been swapped. Im going to say it pretty reliable.
  6. jmpogue89

    Engine splash guards

    I can make duplicates of the splash shields if yours are damaged or missing. ......... The rubber matting is a little pricy. Its 1/8” thick. ........... The rear shield on the driver’s side was missing, so I made it to protect as much as possible. If you do want them you will have to make your...
  7. jmpogue89

    Looking for gun ring and door pictures.

    I have access to a laser and press brakes so I’m looking for good pictures from anyone who has parts or complete frame for the gun ring, rear soft side panels, and doors. The more detailed the better so I can reproduce them. Thanks Justin
  8. jmpogue89

    Looking Clean

    When I first got mine the drive shaft was rubbing on the skid plate. Sounded terrible but after removing them and checking the drive train all was good. I ground the welds off the rear steering locks, put it in first and the the rear steering was operational. The only thing I have had to replace...
  9. jmpogue89

    4 wheel steering

    Dont know if there is a specific sequence that has to be followed after using the center switch, but it does work pretty good. 2010 ITV #132
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