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  1. Jimmy

    R6602 opinion needed

    I have an R6602 Continental engine that I took out of my M62 a year or so ago and am going to sell it but have no idea what it is worth. The speedo showed 3710 miles and 203.7 hours and is a 1955 model. It is complete and also comes with bellhousing, clutch and starter. It ran great and has a...
  2. Jimmy

    Farm Tractors in Military Service

    Does anyone know of any farm type tractors that was used in military service? I have a friend that is a big tractor puller that was wanting to make one up as a military tractor but I have looked on this site as well as my military books and cannot find anything. I could have sworn I have seen...
  3. Jimmy

    A trip to the local VFW

    I was driving down the road and remembered there was an M3A1 Priest at the VFW, I hadn't been there since I was a kid so I stopped to look at it and took a couple of pics. I had forgotten how cool these tanks were. The powertrain is gone but other than that it is in good shape.
  4. Jimmy

    My new project

    The bed on my Deuce was pretty rusty so I bought a new style drop side one but it was too long for the frame so a friend of mine helped me stretch the axles to make it look right and carry a load better. Then I had to make a frame extension for everything to fit back into place. All I need now...
  5. Jimmy

    Another Wrecker question

    I got a set of field chocks for my wrecker and was going to fab up the mounts to put them on top of the boom. Does anybody have a good picture of the mounting brackets? I have see them facing front and some facing back. What is the proper direction? I can see them on this picture but it...
  6. Jimmy

    5 Ton wrecker bed question

    Ok I have a stupid question. Did the 5 ton wreckers originally come with some type of bed cover? The beds on all of them are basically the same and all have stake holes. I have seen some that have tie downs as well. I have not found any mention of this any any TM I have looked at nor on a...
  7. Jimmy

    Deuce shift pattern

    I am not trying to be too stupid but I was looking at the different ignition locks and noticed the shift pattern on the data plate. I have never seen one like that before, what transmission uses this pattern?
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