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  1. waayfast

    The "Dottie Mae

    The kid came over yesterday and down loaded pics from camera to 'puter. So now I have proof that I actually did something fun this summer (so she says8)) Went to Nampa and got to see the official unveiling of the P-47 "Dottie Mae". Several years back I connected with a fellow...
  2. waayfast

    Dodge M880 troop seats

    Gentlemen, Would anyone on here know if The Dodge M880 troop seats/racks/Cover will fit on a Chevy CUCV? Thanks in advance, Jim
  3. waayfast

    1078 Bed

    Good morning all. I may be trading for a bed from a 1078. Looks by the photos to be very nice, no rust etc. 3 color camo. Just wondering how much something like this would be worth as I don't have a need for it (I think ;)). Thanks, Jim
  4. waayfast

    Wheel and tire weight

    OK folks, Go ahead---flame on if you must, but I just need a simple answer to a simple question: What is the exact (not just a WAG) weight of a 11:00/20 NDCC tire mounted on a 10 hole (5ton) wheel. 95% to 100% tread. Yes--have searched--google, ask , here on Steel Soldiers, etc. All sorts...
  5. waayfast

    Proper vehicle loading for safety

    I was browsing the local Craigslist for any MV's (yeah, that's it, that's the ticket!) and ran across this add for a Toyota pickup. Having been and still am a Toyota owner, I thought I'd click on it to see what was offered for 1000.00 bucks--hey maybe I could use it for MVrecon and parts...
  6. waayfast

    FWD Wheel mount Military crane

    Ok, so having reviewed the rules, I hope this is in the correct spot and is all right. Over in the next town, there is a guy with a tow truck business. He just moved a crane over to the edge of the highway and put a for sale sign in the window. It is a wheel (6wd truck) mounted, 20 ton...
  7. waayfast

    Found a 880 for sale

    Yeah,seems like everytime I try to get buyers and sellers together, things come un-done and I get caught in the middle, but what the hey, I'll try this again----- Okay, I found a 1976 4x4 880 for sale in a town about 25 miles away.Going to a basketball game so we didn't have much time(any) to...
  8. waayfast

    CNC Plasma Table

    I was just going thru some pics of our M35 doing parade duty back in Febuary and remembered that some were taken,then sent to us by some friends. Then remembered these friends have a business that builds a tool that some members here may find useful.They hand make CNC plasma cutting tables for...
  9. waayfast

    Transfercase ID --HELP

    Okay!! I admit it!!I must be out of control in this hobby(Oh, honey yer gettin'this all blown out of proportion- I can stop anytime I want to---------! Ended up getting stuff I don't really need and don't even know forsure what it is!! Can anyone help to ID this transfercase and wheel?Got these...
  10. waayfast

    g-506/g508 wheels.

    Well since spring is just around the corner(it IS actually gonna show up,right?) it's time to think about the better-half's project. Question:Are the 1942 G506 (1 1/2TON Chevy)WWII truck wheels and tires the same, ie-interchangeable, with the CCKW 2 1/2 ton GMC (1/43)? The chevy we have...
  11. waayfast

    Busted Injection Pump

    Hello all, My bad!Did a little gambling!I went to an estate auction last weekend and bought a steel container for 100.00.Didn,t really know for sure what was really in it---there were other engines parked around this box so I guessed it contained an engine.There was no chance to take the lid...
  12. waayfast

    Halftrack frame

    I'll put this here because we dont have a Halftrack section---I may be able to get a half track frame.It doesn't have much left but I still don't want it going to China in 4' chunks! HAS:winch and winch bumper,steer axle,steer box,running boards,drive axle,right side bogies set-up (from the VERY...
  13. waayfast

    Mystery Steer axle

    Afew weeks ago we ended up taking delivery on our latest project--a 1942 G-506 11/2 ton chevy(actually drove it home).It came with a few extra parts--2 drop-ins ,a steer axle shaft,a complete steer axle and other goodies that belong with the Chevy. BUT amongst those was another steer axle that...
  14. waayfast

    windshield wipers

    I'm trying to install the new windshield wiper arm I bought for the right side of the gasser but the special nut that holds it in place on the shaft does't seem to be starting easy---like wrong thread.Did these HAVE different thread(dif.models/years etc.)??This nut came with the new wiper...
  15. waayfast

    G-506 Winch

    A couple of weekends ago we went and picked up our latest toy.A 1942 Chevy G-506 1 1/2 ton truck. There is a winch installed but according to the serial number of the truck, this is a no-winch,no dumper, cargo truck.The "custom" install winch is a Tulsa brand PTO driven---question: what brand of...
  16. waayfast

    Aircraft Radio

    Hello all,I don't usually deal with radios much BUT have found a VERY nice BC348 radio set that was used in B-17 and B-24 Bombers in WWII.At least thats what the label said it was.They had printed off a Wikipedia page that explained it. Anyone have an idea whether these are a dime a dozen or...
  17. waayfast

    12ft M-35 cargo bed weight

    Hello all! I am considering a recovery using my commercial truck to haul my new toy home.Thinking of taking the 12ft bed off my M-35 gasser and installing it on the Freightliner for the trip.The problem is that the tractor I have available to change out the bed is kinda small (and trying to...
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