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  1. carguy455

    MadDawg's M37 gun truck project

    SAWEEEEEEET PROJECT MIKE !!!!! Enjoying the pics and progress !
  2. carguy455

    unknown parts - for M37?

    I have seen one of those fork type items somewhere in my travels, but I cannot for the life of me remember where. May have been at the Scout camp where we used M37's, or digging around in the junk M37's up at the now gone Spencer's Salvage. Someday, most likely in about a year I will wake up in...
  3. carguy455

    Recovery for Sheriff's Office

    Put em to good use ![thumbzup]
  4. carguy455

    Good Morning from Brooksville FL!

    Ah Brooksville FL, my winter home the last few years...I hang out in a campground off Cortez and try to blend in and pretend I'm not a snowbird, but the Maine plates on the cars usually give it away........
  5. carguy455

    "RED" Iron

    Well it's not an MV but its as close as I've got right now, I finally got my 71 Toyota Landcruiser home from my father's house. I stuck some 31x10.50's on it but it will need much more than that !!!
  6. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2010

    I sure hope it doesn't rain again this year !
  7. carguy455

    Trip to Spencer's

    As posted on other posts , David M. Spencer of Spencer's Salvage passed away July 1st , yard and contents are to be auctioned off in one lot, not individual. Will post more as we find them out. R.I.P. David , gonna miss you. :cry:
  8. carguy455

    More stuff from Spencers!

    Like I just posted on another page, my friend David Spencer of Spencers Junkyard passsed away July 1ST at 51. The salvage yard with all trucks and parts, houses, garage , etc will be auctioned off IN ONE BULK LOT. We will post more details as we find them out. R.I.P. David :cry:
  9. carguy455

    Towerguy1's New PIPELINE Deuce !

    To anyone familiar with our posts, Towerguy1 and myself were just saddened to find out our freind David Spencer and Spencers Junkyard passed away July 1st. Apparently there will be an auction but its an auction for ALL of the yard, houses, his properties , trucks and parts NOT INDIVIDUAL LOTS...
  10. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Maybe next year the "sun god" will shine brighter on us, sorry I couldnt stay longer, was nice to meet some of the "gang" in person finally ! Maybe by next year I will be out of this finaicial quagmire I am in and I will be able to pick up another piece of "green iron" to play with !! I cannot...
  11. carguy455

    Found in the woods

    Well, now that you posted it on here I would not be WAITING to inquire about it , I would be doing it NOW before somone else does ! Here in the Soviet Socialist Union of Maine I found some similiar stuff and "waited' to inquire about it only to find I missed it by about 2 weeks ! And the "gimps"...
  12. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Due to the mass quantity of rain we are experiencing I did not drive back out to Mikes , I am sure the other guys will be posting many more pics and I think there was some late arrivals too.
  13. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Hey, here's some quick photos from todays activities, I may be headding back over to the rally in a while , thought I would get these out there for all to see !
  14. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Ya I'm going to get in my car and drive 25 minutes to Mikes !! LOL !! Sorry I couldn't resist !:!:;-)
  15. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Until you look outside...especially in the winter !!!!:-D
  16. carguy455

    Maine Rally 2009

    Well well, you guys have been busy whilst I was away ! I'm in ! Won't have any "green iron" to drive, but would love to meet some of the folks I have been chatting with !! If camping space goes into "overflow" theres room to park a few rigs at my place over near brewer if need be. Like...
  17. carguy455

    Convoy from northeast to aberdeen

    Just caught this thread, I guess this means your not coming up to Maine for the 3 day weekend huh Scooter ? I wish I could go with you guys, oddly enough I will be headding to NY onThursday, won't be in any cool green iron though.....have a safe trip !
  18. carguy455

    Found this M35A2 for sale while on Vacation in Florida

    Hey everyone, not sure if I am posting this in the right place now or not, but I am in Florida until May [ sure beats Maine right now ! ] , I was cruising Craigslist here in the Tampa bay area and came accross this one, thougth I would share it with you all ! tampa bay area craigslist >...
  19. carguy455

    '67 M35A2 Saved Today

    I'd take rust anyday over what I have now , NOTHING :( . Nice looking unit , I'm jealous !
  20. carguy455

    Anyone know if I can legally sell a Deuce to a canadian?

    I wish the dollar wasn't as weak anymore ! :(
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